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A Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon

Sometimes, I believed six impossible things before breakfast! Lewis Carroll


NYU Tisch School of the Arts Lois Greenfield

The light from the full moon in Gemini will carry on until Christmas

As the sign of variety, this full moon will have a active, playful energy. If you have been brainstorming or deliberating about an important decision, you’ll likely come up with a fabulous idea you can’t wait to put into action!


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November Monthly Forecast


I choose my cards. Play them to the best of my ability. Move on to the next hand.  Hillary Clinton (Scorpio).

ballet-playing-cardsNOVEMBER FORECAST

The new moon in Scorpio at the end of October will carry into the beginning of November and set the tone for this month.  Imagination, romance, and compassion will run deep, as the moon will be in beautiful alignment with Neptune, the planet of idealism, and emotional inspiration.  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will be at home with their feelings, and comfortable in their own skin.  Fire and air signs may be challenged to integrate a more fluid, sensitive way of relating, into their life. Earth signs will be stimulated to go within and get in touch with their sensuality.

The United States Election day will fall on Tuesday, November 8.  The moon will enter Pisces, 4:45 EST. Hope will likely permeate the air, as Pisces (ruled by Neptune), is a spiritual sign that is most optimistic.  Mars, the planet of assertion and strength, will be at the tail end of Capricorn. This is an exalted placement for Mars, as Mars loves the industriousness stamina that Capricorn naturally exudes.  I have a feeling tension will be high, yet contained. If you are a Capricorn, an important project may need to be wrapped up, despite any insistence to get it ‘just right’.  As for the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio, with a Scorpio ascendant and Pisces moon,  while Donald Trump is a Gemini with a Leo ascendant (conjunct the fixed star Regulus), and Sagittarius moon.

Although the moon moves very quickly, it does represent the public, and suggests voters will be feeling sensitive, emotional, and compassionate. The Feminine will have an edge over the Masculine (a Trump virtue), as Pisces is known to be gentle, loving, and ultimately compassionate to those who are less fortunate.  Jupiter, the planet of good will and politics, will be on Ms. Clinton’s side.  Currently at 13 degrees of Libra, (the sign of justice), Jupiter is approaching a sextile  (a fabulous connection), with Ms. Clinton’s Mars Pluto conjunction (in the ninth house of politics). Jupiter is also very close to Ms. Clinton’s natal Neptune, ( 11 degrees of Libra), in the eleventh house of bureaucracy.  This harmonious aspect strongly suggests the fruition of a cherished life long dream. Yet, Uranus, the planet up upheaval  and surprise, is in the most masculine sign of the zodiac, (Aries).  Now at odds with Pluto, the planet of irreversible change in Capricorn (ie. the status quo),  anything is possible, as Trump’s raise to the nomination as proved.   Moving on from politics to pure enjoyment…

The full moon In November will arrive on Monday, November 14, in Taurus, where the moon is exalted.  If your birthday falls within five days of May 11, you’ll feel this full moon the most.  Venus, the ruler of this full moon, will be partile (in the same degree), of Mercury, suggesting honest conversation about love, artistic expression, and social justice, (especially in business, because Venus will be in Capricorn).  Although the full moon will make no major aspects to any planets,  the exaltation in Taurus will make this time quite luxurious and sensual- definitely a great time to indulge in fine wine and chocolate!

 If you are in the United States and will celebrate Thanksgiving, God bless you! The planetary weather will be harsh on Thursday, November 24.  As Jupiter, the planet of optimism, confronts Pluto, the planet of strong-willed authority,  everyone will be busy trying to look good to get their own way.  You may find yourself pressured to eat when you’re outright full, or take on extra guests while you’re left alone (or crowded) in an overheated kitchen.  The variations of what could go awry are endless.  The best way you can protect yourself and make the most of this day will be to have a keen sense of proportion. Know ahead of time what your limit is, and commit to it.  Pluto (a more powerful planet), will ultimately override Jupiter. With Pluto in Capricorn, (a serious sign), it won’t take much to gather the courage you need to honor your integrity.

November will end with a tango between Neptune and the new moon in Sagittarius.  You may be overly optimistic about a romance or artistic endeavor, (no matter what sign you are).  Don’t be afraid to over-commit, as long as you’re prepared to pull back a bit, to regain your balance.  It will be challenging to fully separate from your emotions and think rationally.  You’ll be better to go with your intuition, and take a flexible approach.  If you can prepare yourself to go in any direction, you may not arrive where you expected, but you’ll still land in very good place, where you’ll have agency.

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October Forecast for all Zodiac Signs

October Monthly Forecast

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of living.   Federico Fellini



The new moon in Libra will make October a standout month for 2016. With Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good good fortune, so close to the new moon, new partnerships will carry great potential. Someone new who comes into your life may show you ways you can do more with less, as Libra is a savvy sign that knows how to make the most of those who are well informed, and connected. Relationships of all kinds will likely  feel renewed with optimism. Even if you experienced setbacks from the past, you’ll be inclined to make a fresh start, as the future will look brighter and motivate you to keep going. 

Mercury, the messenger planet, will unite with Jupiter on Monday, October 10, so good news will be on its way, especially for Virgo and Gemini. Virgo may receive a positive message about a holistic endeavor  or retreat, while Gemini may receive a special romantic invitation. If you’re single and have been of the social loop, this month will bode well for online dating, meetup groups, and networking, as it will be easy to make new people who you find appealing and ‘in the know’.

The full moon in Aries Saturday, October 15,  will be like a firecracker, so expect the unexpected, as you’ll likely need to make a swift turn at a moment’s notice. With Uranus, the planet of upheaval and excitement, tightly embraced with the full moon, who knows what may happen…but emotions will run high, as many people will likely be on edge. If you are an Aries born within 5 days of April 10, you’ll feel this full moon the most. Others who have planets near 23 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra, will also feel the heat from this full moon. Whatever transpires, consider it a blessing, even if at the time you may feel crazed. Shakeups in life reveal our strength, and that’s what Aries is all about.

October concludes with a beautiful new moon in Scorpio, the day before Halloween. Water signs will likely be in romantic bliss- and for those who are unattached, you’ll  be extra magnetic. Mercury and Neptune (the planet of starry eyed bliss) will join together in Scorpio, (along with Terpsichore!!)  and will be very close to the full moon just a few degrees away- this spells magic. Whatever your dream may be, speak it, dance it, believe it, as the midnight sky will be a clean slate for a miracle.

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Summer is Here!

A Full Moon Summer Solstice~

to find the point where hypothesis and fact meet… Lilian Smith

This Summer Solstice arrives with a Full Moon at the tail end of  Sagittarius, the zodiac’s most optimistic sign. Hang on to your faith as the season unfolds, and a message, belief, or philosophy you’d like to share, will likely find its way to a vast audience~


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December Horoscope, 2015

December Forecast For All Signs of the Zodiac

You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.

 Frank Sinatra (Sagittarian)


December brings a new moon in Sagittarius on December 11, and a full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. Warmth with family, friends, and loved ones will open your heart if you give in to spontaneity, and meet each day with an adventurous spirit.


 Make up with a family member if you can, you’ll feel all the brighter for it.


 Reach out to a loved one who has a special place in your heart, as he or she may need encouragement.


Give in to your craving for luxury, and you’ll awaken a new love for sophistication.


 If you can imagine it, you can make it real, so let your inspiration lead you.


Go out of your way to be a true friend, and life will feel fresh with new possibility.


Take the lead with a sexy ambition, and you’ll cast a spell on just the right person.


Book your ticket for somewhere special far and away, and life will take on a new meaning.


 It’s your month! Do it your way, and the rest will fall into place.


Someone close to you will likely trigger your sensitive side. Be gracious, and let them in.


Nurture your health and well-being, and you’ll likely be grateful for your newfound vitality.


Take time to play, laugh sing, dance,and live…and the joy you bring will make the best of memories.


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Weekly Horoscope for May 31, June Kicks off with a Sagittarius Full Moon~

Weekly Horoscope for the first week of June

A Sagittarius Full Moon

He who has no inner fire can not warm others.

Richard Burton

Full Moon in Sagittarius

As the full moon arrives in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2, vibrant emotional expression will carry front and center.  We’ll be pulled by an inner prompting to take a leap into the darkness, and find the light on other side. The power of this full moon will become a prologue for June, and inspire your mood for the entire month. Since Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, it’s likely an ending in your life will give you reason to smile, and take the best with you as you embark on a new journey. Travel, spirituality, and justice reflect the power of the Sagittarian spirit, but most of all, adventure is what Sagittarius loves. So make June an adventure. Even in the darkness, there’s always something worthwhile to explore ahead, if you dare to make the leap~


Stay hopeful. It will pay off!


Confide in someone you trust, and you may have a deep change of heart.


Be on the lookout for a new mentor who will uncover a blind spot.


Develop a new healthy  habit and it will make all the difference!


Make fun a priority, and the rest will be cake.


Be sensitive to your own sensitivity, and you’ll pull it together.


Sell yourself, and you’ll nail a big opportunity.


Luxurious comfort will bring out your best.


Wait a conundrum out, and  you’ll enjoy a beautiful finish.


Lose yourself, and what you gain will be priceless.


Someone special will open your heart, if you let them in.


Believe in the power of your professionalism, and you’ll become perfectly polished.

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Full Moon in Leo~

Full Moon in Leo

Time to shine!

This full moon in Leo is definitely special. With gentle yet close support from Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, joy, and a healthy sense of inhibition will come naturally~

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Weekly Horoscope, Taurus Magic~ November 2, 2014

Weekly Horoscope for November 2, 2014

The most important thing is not what destiny does to us, but what we do with it.

Florence Nightingale

Full Moon in Taurus

With the Full Moon’s arrival in Taurus on Thursday, November 6, a practical approach will bring real, solid results.  No matter how big or small your achievement, it will have extraordinary worth. 

How to gestate the magical  ingredients for your universal elixir~


Don’t give in.


Get in touch with what you really want.


Open yourself up to the silence.


You have a true friend, so trust you’re in good hands.


Be tough on yourself, but with good reason.


Read words of inspiration that speak directly to you.


Make a true offering, no strings attached.


Shine the light on your shadow.


Listen to your body.


Explore your sensual side.


Luxuriate in the comfort of your most private resting place.


Mean what you say.

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Full Moon in Capricorn Still in Action!

Still in Action!

Still in Action!

The Full Moon in Capricorn will be releasing its power until Wednesday.
Capricorn’s energy is reliable and longlasting~



Your professional endeavors hit a high note and peak. Unexpected circumstances may swerve you, but that’s how your life has been for a while now. You’re learning how to handle chaos with cool control. It’s all for your good, in the long run!


Vacations, college deadlines, or a visa or legal situation may be the focus for you now, and this full moon is going to help tie the situation up. There may be a disagreement, or someone may challenge you by creating an obstacle…but it’s temporary. Just keep the faith, and you’ll be protected.


Taxes, loans, and close partnerships, where trust is key, are highlighted for you now. You may be closing a deal of some sort, and it may feel more intense than you thought it would. This is all part of the journey you’ve been on lately, of letting go, and trusting…with people, money, and the deeper meaning of your life. If you’re looking for change, this full moon has the power to leave a permanent mark.


Business partnerships and romantic relationships take the stage with this full moon. Commitment energy is powerful for you now, because Capricorn is the sign opposite Cancer. So, it’s a great time to seal the deal. It’s also a great time to detach, and go your own way. I know, it’s contradictory, but because the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, you have a little extra free will involved! You’ll instinctively know what’s right for you.


Health matters, nutrition, general well being, and work tasks come to ahead with this full moon. Have you been taking care of yourself lately? If you haven’t, you’ll discover the answer in the next several days. There could be a challenge with home or family that prevents you from taking time our for yourself. If your emotional foundation been a rocky lately, try to be a more loving to your family, and you’ll feel more internally balanced.


Creative endeavors of all sorts reach a culmination now, and this includes children and romance as well. Your romantic nature is being felt more intensely these days, so channeling your emotions through art is deeply healing. Maybe it sounds a little over the top, but go for the plunge where heart matters are concerned. What are you passionate about? This full moon surely will shed some light on that!


Family and home become prominent with this full moon. If your business partner or loved one creates unexpected havoc by challenging your personal stance on a family or home issue,be patient. The challenge will dissolve is you continue going in your own direction, and most of all trust your gut.


Contract negotiations, basic courses, transportation, and communication of all kinds (especially with siblings), is the focus for you now, with this full moon hitting the ‘brain’ of your chart. Be gentle in family and home matters when it comes to sudden unforeseen circumstances. Life is unpredictable after all, but home and family can be the rock…especially for you! This is because the full moon is shedding its light on those closest to you, who give you comfort. Cherish any warm ties and be willing to grow closer to those you love.


Money, talents, and personal values are taking over, with this full moon. You need to be taken seriously when it comes to your worth…and you’ve been feeling this quite strongly in various ways for quite a while now (at least a year). There may be someone who challenges your values now. It’s not a test per se, but the outcome surely will reflect the level of your emotional maturity. Don’t be afraid to reach deep inside yourself and be willing to change some things you thought you’d never be able to. The full moon is on your side!


Well, the full moon is in Capricorn. But what does that mean for you, dear Capricorn? Because full moons are about completion, (the moment the Moon comes in direct opposition/reflection with the Sun), something important to you will reach completion, and it’s gonna flow the way do, so it’ll feel natural. Even if it’s a parting, or has some feeling of ‘closure’ , you will understand. Maturity is the full moon’s gift to you, so you get to experience the power of your own maturity now. Do your best to learn from whatever is reaching fruition now, because the lessons are ripe with wisdom, specifically for your life journey.


Private dwellings of all kinds reach the light of day, with this full moon. This could be a hospital stay, a spiritual retreat, or your very own imagination…the secret dreamer in you now shines for others to see. So whatever happens during this full moon period may make you feel a little exposed, but at the same time, it will bring relief. An important talk may unexpectedly pop up like an unwanted x-lover, who wants you back. Whatever the conversation brings up, may leave you confused. Be quiet and still. Listen. Let go of proving anything, and circumstances will naturally flow in your favor~


Community, friends, and anything visionary becomes the highlight for you with this full moon. Becoming part of something bigger than yourself, and feeling the power of being connected to others by a special cause you feel genuinely connected to-this is what this full moon is all about for you now. Sharing and celebrating with others. Technology may be a key component, or it could be just the simple vision of what the future holds, and how exciting it is!

Post Hurricane Sandy, Full Moon in Taurus

Tomorrow is Always Another Day~

Full Moon in 7 Degrees of Taurus

The Taurus Full Moon Brings  Nature to the Forefront. Taurus in the seventh degree celebrates The Woman of Samaria. Be open. Let miracles come through~