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Weekly Horoscope for May 31, June Kicks off with a Sagittarius Full Moon~

Weekly Horoscope for the first week of June

A Sagittarius Full Moon

He who has no inner fire can not warm others.

Richard Burton

Full Moon in Sagittarius

As the full moon arrives in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2, vibrant emotional expression will carry front and center.  We’ll be pulled by an inner prompting to take a leap into the darkness, and find the light on other side. The power of this full moon will become a prologue for June, and inspire your mood for the entire month. Since Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, it’s likely an ending in your life will give you reason to smile, and take the best with you as you embark on a new journey. Travel, spirituality, and justice reflect the power of the Sagittarian spirit, but most of all, adventure is what Sagittarius loves. So make June an adventure. Even in the darkness, there’s always something worthwhile to explore ahead, if you dare to make the leap~


Stay hopeful. It will pay off!


Confide in someone you trust, and you may have a deep change of heart.


Be on the lookout for a new mentor who will uncover a blind spot.


Develop a new healthy  habit and it will make all the difference!


Make fun a priority, and the rest will be cake.


Be sensitive to your own sensitivity, and you’ll pull it together.


Sell yourself, and you’ll nail a big opportunity.


Luxurious comfort will bring out your best.


Wait a conundrum out, and  you’ll enjoy a beautiful finish.


Lose yourself, and what you gain will be priceless.


Someone special will open your heart, if you let them in.


Believe in the power of your professionalism, and you’ll become perfectly polished.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

 Mother’s Day~

An Aquarius Moon sets a free-spirited tone for Mother’s Day

All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. 

Abraham Lincoln

Happy Mother's Day!