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The Sun is in Taurus!

The Sun is in Taurus!



Now that the Sun is in Taurus, material stability and comfort will take the spotlight. Do all you can to be financially responsible, but also treat your self to a nice dose of luxury.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

 Mother’s Day~

An Aquarius Moon sets a free-spirited tone for Mother’s Day

All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. 

Abraham Lincoln

Happy Mother's Day!

A Martha Graham Moment~ The Cosmic Aftermath of Saturn’s Embrace with the Sun in Scorpio


The Sun in Scorpio shines onward with the newfound wisdom of Saturn

It is never, never too late.


Sun in Scorpio, joined with Saturn

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Sherri Shepherd’s Unexpected Farewell on DWTS

Sherri Shepherd’s Shocking Elimination on DWTS

A Uranus Conjunct Saturn Classic Moment~

‘That thing that scares you the most- that you don’t know if you can do because ‘I’m so scared’ -run toward it – because it’s beautiful on the other side’. ~ Sherri Shepherd

I was shocked and so saddened to see The View’s bubbly host Sherri Shepherd leave DWTS last night!! I actually did a video prior to the last show, predicting she would definitely stay in! Sherri was my favorite contestant and I was really rooting for her. After her elimination, I looked into her chart more deeply and noticed Uranus, the planet of unpredictable shock and surprise, traveling right on her Saturn, the master of karma and  hard-won maturity.  Sherri’s Saturn is in Aries, the ‘winner’ of the zodiac…wherever Saturn sits in our chart tells the story of  where and how our hardest lessons are learned. For Sherri, Aries themes of bravery, competition, athleticism and valor,  bring her great hardship yet offer glorious rewards of maturity and humility, whether she end up ‘winning’ or not.

 I admit I haven’t been following DWTS as closely as previous seasons, yet from what I’ve seen…of all the contestants, it looks like  Sherri wanted this experience the most and will be changed by it the most.  I say this because  her Terpsichore is on the very edge of  Cancer  at 29 degrees (which is also pretty close to her Jupiter), at the apex of a T square…setting the stage for a Sun Mars opposition to play its self out, which I believe  is exactly what happened last night on DWTS.

I wouldn’t be surprised if last night was the most emotional night of her life.

‘That thing that scares you the most- that you don’t know if you can do because ‘I’m so scared’…Run toward it.  Because it’s beautiful on the other side’

Watching her say this electrified my bones and made me smile inside. Somehow I think Sherri’s experience on DWTS reflects Terpsichore’s own experience…to take such delight in celebration through music and movement, as a mother,  and as a story-teller, whose purpose is to relay a very special message about the beauty of life. Terpsichore’s journey, I’m finding, is much about coming home to the depths of our human feeling, where the unexpected could happen at any moment and turn our souls upside down. Perhaps this is why she is so married to each moment, celebrating life with the power of her human gifts, her body, and her voice. Sherri is an undeniable Taurus,  with her Sun at the strongest (‘Aries point’) 1st degree, of the sign of the body and voice,…Taurus- the sign of the bull who has the strength and power that’s required for the ‘dancer’ to bring the dream down to Earth, like Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Margot Fonteyn, James Brown, Isadora Duncan,  Michele Wiles, and Jack Cole, to name a few…Sherri also has Taurus’s ruler Venus, married to the exquisite fixed star Aldebaran, in 9 degrees of Gemini. Her light is special indeed…meant to shine in more ways than she could probably imagine.

Her dancing has revealed  just a glimmer of her hidden potential~

Reverance for 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, A Taurus Moon Flows With Love


A Memorable Dance of Real Love

‘Sorrow is tranquility remembered in emotion’ ~ Dorothy Parker

There is a an exact earth trine between the Moon and Venus at the 13th degree for the 70th anniversary for Pearl Harbor. The Moon is exalted in stabilizing, reliable Taurus, and today it brings us to remembrance and reverence for the distant past on a terribly dark day. Capricorn is known for its darkness because of its association with strict and unforgiving Saturn. Venus’s placement in Capricorn displays a kind of ‘tough love’…a love that lasts forever and will do whatever it takes to endure and prosper. It is a love that’s  insistent on building solidarity and purpose…it’s the message of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love”, her most famous song that made her into a R & M icon.

So today, in remembrance of Pearl Harbor and all the lives that were lost, we can experience love at its best, at its most committed, and real.

Taurus Full Moon~


The Earthly Luminosity of Martha Graham

The intensity of Martha Graham is akin to the magic of Taurus.  Martha was the perfect Taurus…strong, sensual, and  earthy. Martha’s artistry connected us to the pleasure of physical feeling and sensation. Her dancing opened the door to the profound experience of having a soul housed in a body. To me, this is what Taurus is all about, the pleasure and pain of the soul’s journey through the physical plane.  Tonight’s full Moon in Taurus shines on us like the light shines on Martha in this photo, bringing a revelation of divine physical sensation. So, lets treat ourselves to earthly delights on this day, whether it be though a dance, a glass of good wine, or a relaxing massage.

 Our bodies are our sole possession, a great gift from God~