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2016 Astrological Forecast for all Zodiac Signs~

YES! 2016 is HERE!


 Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world.

                                                                          Anne Klein

 This year will be quite active, with two solar eclipses and three lunar eclipses spanning from this winter to fall.  Your most significant life transitions will likely highlight moments of completion. If you have been waiting for a special goal or vision to manifest, you may be pleasantly surprised with an unexpected streak of momentum that will get you past the finish line.

In the mean time, focus on your training and conditioning. This will likely involve learning new skills, gaining emotional maturity, reinventing yourself, or uncovering  another layer of  your authentic self.  No matter how much of a realest (or idealist), you may be, it will benefit  you to  get practical, and go one step at a time.

With all the planetary influences of 2016, remember, every day offers a new possibility, and if used well,  these possibilities can create the fuel that will feed  your life’s passion for 2016. Here’s a look at what lies ahead!


Tuesday, March 8, Solar Eclipse in Pisces

A Test for your Faith

The first eclipse is  a total solar eclipse in Pisces, which takes place on Tuesday, March 8, 8:54 p.m. EST. Tightly opposed to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, this eclipse will likely highlight your need to be more, contribute more, and be of service in a higher way. Someone important may challenge an artistic or spiritual goal you have (thanks to the Pisces influence), and you may be confronted with the gap of your ideal vision, versus the practicality of making it real. Look to others for support, feedback, and down to earth advice (a Virgoan virtue ) and you’ll likely find a creative solution that will yield impressive, tangible results.


Wednesday, March 23, Lunar eclipse in Libra

Stretch your  mind

The second eclipse is a lunar eclipse and will take place in Libra, on Wednesday, March 23, at 8:01 a.m. EST. This eclipse will tightly oppose  Mercury, the planet of rationale, communication, commerce, and short distance travel.  Mercury  is quite a busy planet !  This influence may bring a contract, or communications project to a head, and opinions may be heated. Mercury’s placement in Aries suggest ideas will be strongly defended on both sides, but with the lunar eclipse  in Libra , a compromise will likely be the only viable solution. Still,  fight for what you think it right, because although you may  not entirely get your way, what you say, and how you express yourself  will make a difference.


Thursday, August 18, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Celebrate your cause

The third eclipse of 2016 will be a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, in the summer, on Thursday August 18, 5:26 a.m. EST. This eclipse will be a friendly one, as it will be sextile (i.e.. in harmonious aspect),  to Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet. Your social  life will likely offer an exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself, or you may become more active in a particular community that supports a  cause, or movement that you’re passionate about. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, social media, or technology will likely be key factor as you introduce your brand to the masses.  No matter what stage of life you’re in, your individuality will reach a threshold, and you’ll be ready for change.

Thursday, September 1, Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Walk the line

The fourth eclipse 0f 2016 will be a solar eclipse in Virgo. This eclipse will arrive on Thursday, September 1, at 5:03 a.m.,  (extra early in the month and in the morning- Virgo style). This eclipse will make stressful aspects with Saturn, Neptune, and Mars, and will require you to constantly readjust.  Fortunately, Virgo is a mutable sign, so flexibility will be attainable, but you’ll  have to reach for it. Fixed signs, (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), will be the most challenged. This will be a time when Virgo attributes of humility, service, and logic will become key to your progress.  Keep this in mind when you’re  challenged, confused, or just plain tired, and you’ll gain inner strength.

Friday, September 16, Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Awaken your senses

The last eclipse of 2016 will be in the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces. This will be a harvest full moon eclipse and will take place on Friday, September 16, 3:05 p.m. EST.  The sensitivity of Pisces will be obstructed with a tense aspect to Mars, the planet of assertion and will. Mars will be in fiery Sagittarius, so there will be a sense of bursting at the seams as you reach a critical phase of  a relationship, personal ambition, or spiritual journey. Find ways to release extra energy , as this will help you stay grounded as you manage a major life transition. Still, the ground you’re on will likely be shifting in ways beyond your understanding. Stay inwardly guided, yet outwardly present, and you’ll gain confidence in your unique brand of wisdom.


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A Tribute to Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole.jpg

Natalie Cole

An Unforgettable Lady

I was heart struck to hear of Natalie Cole’s passing. Sometimes people would mistake my mother for her, and her passing reminded me of my mother’s charm and natural elegance. As the daughter of legendary Nat King Cole, Natalie had quite a path to follow, but eventually, she found her own voice, and she never gave up.  She was brutally honest about her battle with substance abuse in in her courageous autobiography, Angel on My Shoulder, a beautiful autobiography  that resounds with faith (Ms. Cole’s Aquarius Sun was in perfect harmony with Neptune, the planet symbolic of  angelic forces).  Even though she often shined in the unforgettable light of her father, Nat King Cole, she went on to join the Aquarian family (Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln) and  made her own way-which led to her multiple Grammy Award legacy.  The road was not easy however, but she never gave up. With Terpsichore in Capricorn, the sign of longevity and commitment, I believe her singing gave her a spiritual foundation.

May she rest in peace~

Christmas Day 1 (2)

 A Terpsichorean Tribute~

2016 is Here~ Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!

A 2016 overview is on its way, so be sure to check back for your forecast!


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