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Dance Wendy! DANCE!!!

We love you!

Now it’s all up to you.


Dancing With The Stars

               What’s in the stars for tonight’s Dancing With The Stars?

Kirstie is the Terpsichore Maiden for this season. She’s a natural and is destined to shine. Agility and grace can’t wait to escape from her bones. The more weight she looses the more unstoppable she’ll become…It’s Destiny!

As for the rest, lets pray for them. Especially for Wendy! She’s really putting her soul out there on stage. Her dancing reveals that special vulnerability that makes her so lovable.  Wendy, of all the contestants will feel the deepest change.

Her Scorpio Moon is no joke! Something inside her wants to face the darkness and know she can come out shining on the other side. Yes. She’s always shining. Now, it’s time for her to graduate. There’s always another level of divine consciousness.  

Even here on Earth