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Mars Can Make you Angry and that can be GOOD!

Hello Camarion!
There are several notable things happening in your chart.  I think what stands out most is Mars, the planet of aggression and ACTION.  You may have been feeling the energy of Mars coming to ‘attack’ your Moon, the planet of FEELINGS and domesticity, with a conjunction, (the most powerful planetary aspect). Yesterday, Sunday, June 12, Mars conjoined exactly on your Moon at 23 degrees Taurus.  This conjoining may be triggering explosive anger and frustration. Mars is in detriment in Taurus,(detriment means ‘weak’, the Planet’s  natural energy/impulse is weakened and frustrated because it’s incompatible with the sign’s energy), so the slow, practical ways of Taurus are frustrating the natural aggressive nature of a planet like Mars, that thrives on assertiveness and quick action.
I’ve heard Mars being described as the ‘ignition key’; it revs things up. I’ve also heard since Mars likes quick results, its transit energy is often felt more quickly than other planets… since Mars is hitting your Moon, I have a feeling some domestic situation, perhaps with your apartment?- may be at the culprit of this…an impulsive feeling to better your domestic situation/home life…  *There is a lunar eclipse this Wednesday that will hit your solar 4th house…(your natal moon is conjunct the 4th house), this means a domestic matter of some sort may finally reach some sort of culmination.
Pressure to ‘act’ and get things moving may feel very intense.  Frustration over not being able to ‘hit the target’ and charge on, may be emotionally painful. Since you have a powerful Moon in your chart…remember it is part of that ‘T Square’  I mentioned, it could trigger the whole, “I’m a loser and no matter what can’t get ahead professionally” pattern. Of-course, we know that’s entirely not true! Becoming conscious of the energies is key. Then you can use them to your advantage! Remember in astrology I mentioned how T squares are incredible ”drivers”…they create so much pressure that one has no choice but to release the tension…and this many times requires some very creative solutions that otherwise would have never occurred!
Remember I mentioned that the apex of your T square is your Leo Saturn, (in detriment)…today is a good omen day because Saturn’s current placement is moving from retrograde(weakened) to direct (strengthened)! When Saturn moves direct, responsibilities, etc. can be handled more decisively. I think this may ease some of the pressure off whatever has been bothering you emotionally around your domestic situation,etc.
As far as the Mars transit goes, it creates impulsive, fiery emotions. Patience may be waning….fast. Fortunately the Moon is exalted in Taurus, where your natal moon is…so there is a lot of emotional ‘toughness’.  There is complete capability to stick it through to the very end, even though many times it may not feel that way.
Since this is a transit, and Mars moves fairly quickly, it’s temporary. Mars will continue to separate from your your Taurus moon and be well into Gemini by July. By then the tension most likely will transform into something else…Sometimes anger is the thing we need to push us to a new, and ultimately better, place.
I suggest making this transit into an opportunity with making the following goals/commitments:
I. Acknowledge and release any anger in productive ways.
II. Take pride in going slow…one step at a time…slow and steady wins the race:)
III. Make a daily action plane around 1 and 2. for example:
I’m going to release my anger by…1 hour of exercise…one hour of writing, or whatever, and THEN, I’m going to…make a simple step toward solving your most pressing issue.
I’m going to take pride in going slow,one step at a time by…making sure I give myself personal quality time by
reading…meditating…calling a family member, or whatever…, THEN, I’m going to focus on taking my time with solving just 1 pressing issue.
I think you get the idea…
I think Mars can push you in the right direction once you begin consciously managing the energy…
*The lunar eclipse  I mentioned earlier happens to be widely conjoining your natal Jupiter, which is quite strong in your chart. You Jupiter is in the 11th house of dreams, groups, organizations, etc. So there’s strong probability the lunar eclipse will bring some good luck/opportunity to you in those areas…be on the lookout!
Let me know if this resonates and please share your feelings and thoughts!
P.S. When are you getting your new cell phone;)?

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Sisterly Love Shines On So You Think You Can Dance!

Mercury, the sibling planet, is currently in its own sign Gemini, the sign of the siblings or ‘twins’. Terpsichore is currently in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury… a doubly sign that the dancing spotlight of the night belongs to the siblings. In tonight’s case, sistery love rules the dance floor!

This is all facing off with Neptune in Pisces by the way~excitement is overflowing with grace, compassion, and the divine force of DANCE!