The Astronomy of Terpsichore

Terpsichore Discoverer

Terpsichore is a very dark main-belt asteroid that was discovered on September 30th, 1864, by German astronomer Ernst Wilhelm Tempel.  Taking just over four and a half years to travel through all signs of the zodiac as it orbits the Sun, she spends around three and half months in each sign, ( retrograde and orbit dependent).

The Mythology of Terpsichore


In Greek Mythology Terpsichore is one of The Sun God’s Nine Muses, more famously known as Apollo’s Muses.  She has most generally been labeled the Goddess of Choral Song and Dance.  The daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory, Terpsichore is referenced as  the wife of Akheloios, God of Rivers, to whom she bore three daughters, Thelxieoeia, Peisinoe, and Ligeia, also known as the Sirens.

Her daughters are described as bird like sea nymphs and were also the handmaidens for Persephone, princess of the underworld who was abducted by God of underworld, Pluto, or Hades. In astrology, Persephone is well-known for being the daughter of Demeter or Ceres, the largest goddess asteroid in astrology.

I believe Terpsichore is most appropriately named ‘Mother of the Sirens’.  Although she is associated with the celebration of dance and song, her genuine power, like that of her daughters, seems dark, erotic, and mysterious.  Terpsichore is best known for announcing the cries of the Sirens who eventually led seamen to both ecstasy and death.

Latin Terpsichorē, from Greek Terpsikhorē, from feminine of terpsikhoros, dance- loving : terpein, to delight + khoros, dance.

(tûrp-sĭk’ə-rē) pronunciation

The Experience of Terpsichore

Dark Matter of The Galaxy

Dark Matter

It seems there has been little research on Terpsichore’s  astrological influence.  Through my own experience, curiosity, and study however, I have found Terpsichore’s influence extraordinarily fascinating.  For example, when analyzing charts, I have noticed Terpsichore as one of the few asteroids that consistently (well over 50%), shows up as being out of bounds, meaning an out of the ordinary distance/ or declination of 23S27’00 or 23N27’00, north or south of the equator’s position in the horoscope.

This tells me there is natural volatility associated with her expression…as if it she is much more comfortable being off shore, ‘out of bounds’,  in the depths of the sea~ most likely her natural dwelling. Terpsichore is particularly prominent in the charts of famous singers and dancers.

Cher and Justin Timberlake both have Terpsichore married to their Midheaven, the ‘peak’ or  ‘spotlight’ of the chart. Justin’s Terpsichore is in earthy, sensual Taurus, the sign associated most with beautiful singing ability . Cher (Taurus Sun), has her Terpsichore in musical Pisces, at 22 degrees, the same degree of her Midheaven. Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Terpsichore is in the perfectionist sign of Virgo at 5 degrees, the same degree of his Mars, the planet of physical passion, athleticism and strength. Olympic MegaChampion Michael Phelps has his Terpsichore in Taurus in the 6th house of fitness and physical well-being, tightly conjunct his North Node, which represents our spiritual destiny.

As astrology evolves, I’m sure more connections and revelations will surface.  There are literally hundreds of asteroids whose truths are yet to be discovered and shared! Being a dancer and dance enthusiast, I am particularly interested in what I call  ‘The Dancing Asteroids”.  Although Terpsichore is most likely the most significant asteroid associated with dance, she is not the only one! Other notable asteroids are: Ulanova, Asteroid # 5421, Plisetskaya, Asteroid #4626,  Graham, Asteroid #3541 and Dunham, Asteroid #3123.

In general, the naming of the asteroids are synchronistic events in their purest form. The majority of astronomers and asteroid discoverer’s are not astrologers. They are not familiar with and/or do not adhere to  the language and practice of astrology.  The magic lies in the experience.  Consciousness of the essence and potential of the asteroid’s symbolic and energetic expression unfolds as one begins to “see” in the way mystical student and writer Carlos Castaneda had learned from Don Juan, the infamous Shaman…to choose a path free from fear and ambition…to have courage to bathe one’s self in vulnerability and stillness.

‘ Knowledge comes to a warrior, floating, like specks of gold dust, the same dust that covers the wings of moths. So for a  warrior, knowledge is like taking a shower, or being rained on by specks of dark gold dust’.

This I believe, is how we must proceed in experiencing the magic of the asteroids.

  1. jenna shumate

    this is an alwsome webpage

  2. Myles McKinley Walker Jr

    My Terpsichore conjunct my Mercury in Scorpio closely around 7 Degrees in the 11th house. What does that indicate?

  3. Hello Myles!

    Mercury is the planet of the mind, and in Scorpio, the sign of psychology, sex, and regeneration, it would suggest a probing mind. The mind of a detective, psychologist, or mystery writer would have a Mercury in Scorpio feel to it.

    Terpsichore’s marriage to this placement may intensify your interest in dance, on an intellectual level. Learning or teaching dance, reading or studying dance, etc. .Extensive research about the psychology and spiritual dimension of dance, may also be a possibility

    Finally, as you may know, the eleventh house is associated with collective goals, and one’s ideal vision of how life should be…it has an Aquarius, humanitarian flavor to it

    So, teaching, learning, studying about dance, and sharing this with others in a collective setting, whether for a non-profit organization (dance company),social media, or other outlet where your thoughts and ideas about dance can be shared with the masses.

    I would need your birth data, to see/mediate on the whole of your chart, for a more personal, comprehensive reading.

    Please let me know if you’re interested, as I love giving personal Terpsichore readings!



  4. Hello! My Terpsichore is in my Capricorn 7th house conjunct my natal Venus almost exact and conjunct MUSA within 1 degree orb. Apollo is also conjunct my IC in Libra. What does this mean?

  5. Hmmm…Venus in Capricorn is known for it’s sophistication- in the seventh house would represent partnerships/relationships/ or a potential audience…Musa suggests musicality. It sounds like you might make a good dance teacher/or dance studio manager (Capricorn/Saturn) is associated with business. Venus is also all about our passion-what fulfills us – so this tells me rhythm/flow/poetry likely come naturally for you.
    Apollo the Sun God conjunct the IC? You may not feel ‘at home’ unless you have a creative outlet.

    Let me know if you want to know more! * For the most accurate/comprehensive reading, it’s best to see the chart as a whole-to see the entire landscape- to get better insight on Terpsichore’s place within the big picture. Feel free to e-mail me at terpsichore @dancestrology.com if you’re interested in a full Terpsichore reading!


    Joey Lorraine

  6. I’ve found it very hard to find information on Terpsichore in the astrology community but I found that in my natal chart she is alone in Pisces 6th house opposite Chiron in Virgo in the 12th. Would I be wrong in assuming that this could mean dance as a form of “healing” and fitness/well-being when seen in my chart?

  7. Hi,i have found that my terpsichore is conjunct my vertex at 6th house in piscies (less than 1 degree).
    Do vou have any clue for meaning?
    Thank you

  8. I have noticed that whatever object comes first in the zodiac chart (nearest to/after 0 degrees Aries) seems to have a bearing on the character. So I looked at Trump’s chart and Terpsichore is there. Not known for his dancing, however this part of your description seems to ring true..

    “This tells me there is natural volatility associated with her expression…as if it she is much more comfortable being off shore, ‘out of bounds’,”

  9. I’ve ot Terpsichore in beautiful Libra in my 4th house exactly opposite my 10th house Aries Juno. Unfortunately I’ve ot no planets in Libra so my Terpsichore is only opposing my Juno and in exact square to my Ascendant. I did ballet when I was younger and was on the dance team in junior high. I traded my ballet slippers for tennis shoes and did tennis on my high school’s tennis team all four years and then picked up running on the treadmill when I graduated high school almost a decade ago. I have great posture and running form which I attribute to my ballet years and them drilling in my head the need for perfect posture not just in ballet but in everyday life as well. I think Terpsichore also has something to do with graceful fluid movements and good posture.

  10. hello, objects not traveling the ecliptic cannot have the same perameters for being out of bounds. You must learn what the possible declination is and only consider the extreme.
    so, while i agree that asteroids can be OOB, the numbers must be different that 23.27, which is the sun’s maximum.

  11. I have this Asteroid cnj my Venus in Scorpio Dancing is my sexual expression… 11/11/1953 4:03pm Calgary AB Canada

  12. Hi there,
    I’m just looking at an event in Tasmania where a number of children were killed and injured when an inflatable jumping castle was lifted in the air by a freak gust of wind. The Greek God of Winds, Aeolia was 1Gemini23 directly opposite a Mars/Terpsichore conjunction at 1Sag47.
    Any insights into her part in the event?
    Also I’m a huge Castaneda fan and love that wonderful scene with the “Golden Moth”

    Many thanks

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