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October Forecast for all signs of the Zodiac~


Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.

Hugh Prather

Life Changes

The Sun is now in Libra, so relationships will carry the main theme of the month, especially as the results  from September’s Lunar eclipse in Aries  (the mirroring sign of Libra), continue to unfold. Lay low on Tuesday, October 6, as that’s when the Sun will be in conflict with Pluto. Hold off on an important meeting or discussion, and collect your thoughts.  You’ll be relieved to know Mercury, the messenger planet, will awaken from its retrograde on Friday, October 9. Give it a few days- and you can charge forward with a business meeting, negotiation, or other important agreement.

You’ll want to watch out for the new moon in Libra, on October 12, as this new moon will bring a host of challenges. Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes, will be in direct opposition to the moon, and a major adjustment (or two) may throw you off balance, so be ready to compromise. Several days later, on Saturday, October 17, a five star day will arrive, thanks to the passionate love affair between Mars (the planet of sexuality and vitality), and Jupiter (the planet of good fortune). Both these powerful planets will be in Virgo, so make sure you mark that date on your calendar, Virgos!  This cosmic union will bless all signs with extra energy and optimism, so if you have anything on your agenda you need to tackle- an audition, performance, athletic event, or other ambitious personal mission, this day will bring you to victory.

As the month comes to and end, on Tuesday, October 27, we’ll approach a beautiful, very positive full moon in Taurus (where the moon’s power is exalted). The high vibrations will carry on to the very end of the month, on Halloween. This will be a fabulous day for emotional connection and soulful celebration, as the moon will be at home in Cancer, the sign of sensitivity and deep feelings. In all, the events of October will definitely bring ups and downs, but the closing chapter will promise a happy ending~

Mark Thursday, October 15 on your calendar, when Mars, your ruler, will be in fine vibration with Pluto- this will be superhero influence that will give you the power to move mountains! You’ll see.


The full moon in Taurus (where the moon’s power is exalted), on Tuesday, October 27 will one of the best, most memorable full moons of 2015. Romance, a pregnancy, or artistic project will make your heart sing.


Mercury, your ruler, will regulate its orbit and go direct on Friday,  October 9, and your life will start to normalize!  Venus’s entrance in Virgo (on Thursday, October 9),  will bless your personal life with peace and relaxation.


The full moon in Taurus on Tuesday, October 27, will ignite your solar chart’s arena of faith, and personal philosophy of life, (the ninth house). The success you experience will be solely of your creation, and the depth of your full  potential will likely surprise you.


On Friday, October 30, the Sun, your ruler, will be in perfect synch with Neptune, the planet of spiritual insight and luxurious escape. This will be wonderful day for expressing your creativity and attracting someone special.


With Jupiter,(the planet of good fortune), in Virgo you’re at the center of the galaxy’s heart. Put a gold star next to Sunday, October 25, as that’s when Jupiter will sweep Venus off her feet- you’ll have the power to attract anything (or anyone), you desire!


Well, Libra, what can I say, the new moon in Libra on Monday, October 12, will challenge you- but you’ll have everything at your disposal to come out shining-and things will get better (and better) especially as the full moon arrives in Taurus, the sign of harvest, and security-so do what you do best, and shift your diplomatic flair into fifth gear.


The Sun will enter Scorpio on Friday, October 23, and that same day Venus will make a fabulous connection with Pluto,Scorpio’s ruler- your passion will be on the rise- so say what you feel, as your words will have enormous power.


Look at for Saturday, October 10, as Venus will battle Saturn, the planet of self-mastery (now in Sagittarius) a tough day for you, but nothing you can’t handle! Saturday, October 27, will bless you with the vitality of a superhero. Take action, as the universe will be at your command.


Sunday, September 11 will be a standout day for the month, when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will align perfectly with Pluto, the planet of empowerment (now in Capricorn). Go after what you want with full force, and you’ll have a breakthrough.


Watch out for delay in travel and miscommunication on Sunday, October 25, when Mercury, the messenger planet, will clash with your guardian planet, Uranus. On the same day, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to get closer to someone special- and enjoy exhilarating  experience of trust.


Saturday, October 17 will endow you with sex appeal, so go after who you want! Friday, October 30 will be made just for you, Pisces, as the Sun waltz’s with Neptune, (your guardian planet), angelic forces will surround you. If you dream it, it will come.

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