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Ballet Icon and New City Ballet Founder George Balanchine’s Birthday, 1-22-1904

George Balanchine, Founder of

New York City Ballet

George Balanchine & New York City Ballet Dancers

Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Ascendant

God creates, I do not create. I assemble and I steal everywhere to do it – from what I see, from what the dancers can do, from what others do. George Balanchine


It’s not surprising that Mr. Balanchine, the father of neo classical ballet, is an Aquarius. His imagination and vision were well ahead of his time. He had a talent for bringing out the individuality of his dancers and bringing them to the edge of their capability. Yet, he also cherished the oneness of his dancers, and took pride in his collective vision of perfection.

As the 11th sign of the zodiac Aquarius sees the big picture, and needs to make a special contribution to the future- whether this involves a community, social movement, or humanitarian cause, Aquarius is born with a mission. Mr. Balanchine’s devotion to his dancers, which eventually (with the assistance Lincoln Kirstein) became New York City Ballet, is now historical, yet still lives in the future as through his creation of the Balanchine technique.

Musicality was Mr. Balanchine’s greatest gift, as he had great respect for music in its own right. With the Moon in Pisces, the most musical sign of the zodiac, he had a natural sense of rhythm, and flow. A trained classical pianist, he likely could just as easily been a composer. With his rising sign in Cancer, the sign of family and nurturing, Mr. Balanchine was comfortable taking on a father role-feeling personally responsible for the welfare of his dancers, and taking care of them. He was known for his generosity and loyalty, for once a dancer was chosen to ride under his wing, the sky would emerge and reveal the brightest stars.

Want to know more about this legendary ballet icon? Check out San Francisco Ballet’s article “Who is George Balanchine”


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A Tribute to Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole.jpg

Natalie Cole

An Unforgettable Lady

I was heart struck to hear of Natalie Cole’s passing. Sometimes people would mistake my mother for her, and her passing reminded me of my mother’s charm and natural elegance. As the daughter of legendary Nat King Cole, Natalie had quite a path to follow, but eventually, she found her own voice, and she never gave up.  She was brutally honest about her battle with substance abuse in in her courageous autobiography, Angel on My Shoulder, a beautiful autobiography  that resounds with faith (Ms. Cole’s Aquarius Sun was in perfect harmony with Neptune, the planet symbolic of  angelic forces).  Even though she often shined in the unforgettable light of her father, Nat King Cole, she went on to join the Aquarian family (Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln) and  made her own way-which led to her multiple Grammy Award legacy.  The road was not easy however, but she never gave up. With Terpsichore in Capricorn, the sign of longevity and commitment, I believe her singing gave her a spiritual foundation.

May she rest in peace~

Christmas Day 1 (2)

 A Terpsichorean Tribute~