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Mercury Enters Virgo

Mercury Enters Virgo

A sound mind is a sound body. Juvenal

As Mercury enters its home sign of Virgo, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to get mental clarity on a specific area of your life.  Mercury is the fastest moving planet and is also closest to the Sun, so you can expect to see results sooner than later.  If you’d like to learn a new skill or have an important test or examination, Mercury’s influence will sharpen  your mind and strengthen your focus. It’s a great influence for teachers, students, writers, or any specialist who needs precision and logic to succeed. 

If you are a dancer, athlete, or movement specialist, you’ll benefit from refining your technique. Perfectionism is Virgo’s domain, so if you’ve developed a bad habit, now is a great time to correct it and find out what really works, which will likely be unique to your own experience. 

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

A paradox is no more than a conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality should be. Richard Feyneman

Mercury will retrograde in its exalted placement of Aquarius until February 20. As the sign of friendship, technology, social media, and altruism, you may find yourself out of step with your closest friend, colleague, or social circle. Aquarius is also the sign of individuality, so it’s very possible you can have breakthough in perspective with an open mind. Genuinely invite the perspective of others who may normally disagree with, and you’ll likely see an important situation in a whole new light.

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October Forecast for all Zodiac Signs

October Monthly Forecast

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of living.   Federico Fellini



The new moon in Libra will make October a standout month for 2016. With Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good good fortune, so close to the new moon, new partnerships will carry great potential. Someone new who comes into your life may show you ways you can do more with less, as Libra is a savvy sign that knows how to make the most of those who are well informed, and connected. Relationships of all kinds will likely  feel renewed with optimism. Even if you experienced setbacks from the past, you’ll be inclined to make a fresh start, as the future will look brighter and motivate you to keep going. 

Mercury, the messenger planet, will unite with Jupiter on Monday, October 10, so good news will be on its way, especially for Virgo and Gemini. Virgo may receive a positive message about a holistic endeavor  or retreat, while Gemini may receive a special romantic invitation. If you’re single and have been of the social loop, this month will bode well for online dating, meetup groups, and networking, as it will be easy to make new people who you find appealing and ‘in the know’.

The full moon in Aries Saturday, October 15,  will be like a firecracker, so expect the unexpected, as you’ll likely need to make a swift turn at a moment’s notice. With Uranus, the planet of upheaval and excitement, tightly embraced with the full moon, who knows what may happen…but emotions will run high, as many people will likely be on edge. If you are an Aries born within 5 days of April 10, you’ll feel this full moon the most. Others who have planets near 23 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra, will also feel the heat from this full moon. Whatever transpires, consider it a blessing, even if at the time you may feel crazed. Shakeups in life reveal our strength, and that’s what Aries is all about.

October concludes with a beautiful new moon in Scorpio, the day before Halloween. Water signs will likely be in romantic bliss- and for those who are unattached, you’ll  be extra magnetic. Mercury and Neptune (the planet of starry eyed bliss) will join together in Scorpio, (along with Terpsichore!!)  and will be very close to the full moon just a few degrees away- this spells magic. Whatever your dream may be, speak it, dance it, believe it, as the midnight sky will be a clean slate for a miracle.

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Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs October 26, 2014



Week of October 26, 2014


Mercury Picks up Speed

Mars enters Capricorn in Exaltation

It’s time to go for it!

Weekly Horoscope


Technical prowess and tireless motivation will send the mind and body to new heights.


Destination Points


Executive Ability


Faith in Realism


Intellectual Fervor


Working Partnership


High Tech Organization


Professional Artistry


Emotional Centeredness


Direct Communication




Strategic Application


Meditative Consciousness


Suspension of Disbelief

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Gemini Weekly Video Horoscope December 4th ~ Dancestrology


A Total Eclipse of the Mind~

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 Geminis  Can Figure Anything Out!


Suzanne Farrell, Exalted Mercury in Full Force


Mercury in Virgo O Degrees

A Body Eager to be Molded

Mercury enters Virgo at the Aries point of zero degrees later today. Legendary Neo Classical Ballerina Suzanne Farrel had this placement natally in her chart. Mercury’s exaltation in Virgo (in classical astrology), is clearly revealed not only through the flexibility of Suzanne’s body, but her humaness-her way of moving, thinking, understanding and communicating a message, in her case, Balanchine’s Message of  dance being the music.

Mercury’s power in so many ways is intimately connected to dance. The ability to travel smootly rom one place to another is essentially “Mercurian”.  Mercury, like the technique of dance, is all about transition. How can a dancer makes one step flow into the next, and the next, no matter where their legs are  coming from or where their arms may have to go? 

Mastering this is mastering the power of Mercury’s impulse: to move.  Whether it be a message, a newspaper, or taking one step in front of the other. Mercury must move. It thrives off of movement! That’s probably why Mercury retrograde is so infamous!

I think Suzanne’s ability to be completely moldable, pure, and of service to George Balanchine, is an excellent insight to how Mercury performs when at  its peak of 0 degrees, the greatest point of force of the sign’s energetic expression, ie. the Aires point.

Virgo is earth AND mutable.  This is a perfect marriage for what a dancer needs, to be a useful tool for a choreographer. I see the element of earth as the presence of the body in the very moment of its human existence, there is an immediacy to it…a ‘presence’ …a pure consciousness. 

For this reason Virgo has also been associated with the mundane ie. washing dishes, writing checks, brushing your teeth, etc. yet there is special way of being in the moment with the mundane… a meditative space that can be quite liberating and purifying.

Virgo’s understand the power of simplicity. Perhaps this is why so many of them are devout. Mother Teresa is an extreme example, but there are many variances. If we look for them, we can find them in our own lives. We can turn the mundane into the spiritual. Virgo’s placement in our chart can certainly give clues about our capability of being transformed through the mundane. 

Suzanne’s experience with Balanchine seemed very much this way…being in the studio is different from being on stage, yet the same. This is where the polarity point of Pisces comes in.  I think the entry point of Virgo at 0 degrees triggers that Pisces polarity point quite strongly. Pisces is the dream.

Pisces  is the essence of  Suzanne’s experience on stage, the world of magical possibilities.  Virgo, the in the ‘here and now’, ready to adapt completely with its environment, is on the other end. This selflessness, along with eagerness to be put to use and molded in any way necessary, became the very tool Balanchine used to redefine the art of ballet.