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Solar Eclipse in Gemini~

Gemini Solar Eclipse

“We must run as fast as we can just to stay in place.

And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

Svetlana Zakharova

It’s no wonder Bolshoi Prima Ballerina, Svetlana Zakharova is a Gemini, not only gifted with exquisite mercurial limbs, but beautiful articulate thoughts that dance as gracefully as her body. With the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, the sign of agility, speed, and variety, we are encouraged to think on our feet, embrace the moment, and no matter chaotic life may get, to stay on the move. The next several months will likely offer many invitations to bond with a sibling, gain the trust of a close friend, or learn something new that will change your outlook on life, and who you thought you were. Yes, Gemini is known for riding that slippery slope between objective facts and subjective truths- think of famed public intellectual Jordan Peterson (the quintessential Gemini), always learning more yet admitting to knowing so little. Let this eclipse guide you in the a new chapter entitled “Beginners Mind”, and you will likely learn exactly what you most need to know.

This eclipse takes place on June 10, 2021, and will be active for approximately six months.

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Dion Fortune’s 121st Birthday~



“We take spiritual initiation when we become conscious of the Divine within us, and thereby contact the Divine without us.”    ―      Dion Fortune      

Sagittarius Unleashed

 A soaring Natalia Osipova in “La Sylphide,” choreographed by August Bournonville.

Today is the birthday of renowned occultist Dion Fortune. The Sun is at 14 degrees Sagittarius, the degree of the “Pyramids and The Sphinx”.  There are mysteries all around us, and today we may be more keen to the realm of magic as its power showers over us more heavily.  Just like animals, as humans, we also have the ability to tune into our “sixth sense” and connect with nature in countless ways. Prima ballerina Natalia Osipova is known for her miraculous leaps. Her  ethereal ‘ballon’ the lightweight quality of her jumping, is simply out of this world! My sense is this is more than just a mere physical talent, it goes deeper than the athletic instinct of a panther or tiger. I believe Ms. Osipova’s talent is  vibrational, her very spirit naturally connects with realms beyond what the ordinary eyes can see. Indeed, her very being ‘sees’  what physics like Dion Fortune ‘feels’. Unfortunately I do not know what time the Bolshoi star was born so I don’t know her rising sign, but I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if it was Sagittarius! Many astrologers say  Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind…I think of it as a kind of psychic intelligence.  It comes and goes in moments and sometimes can be hard to hold onto because it’s so powerful. Today is a great opportunity to test ourselves and see how long we can hold on, while still keeping our feet on solid ground…or maybe not! This is part of what the dance of life is about, exploring the instinct to literally go beyond ourselves and into ourselves at the same time~