The Adventurous Saturnian’s Lessons in Love

If someone has a lot of Capricorn and/or Aquarius in their chart, they are essentially “Saturnian”. This is because, in astrology, Saturn has rulership over these signs.  There are 5 planets in Capricorn and 2 planets in Aquarius in your chart Dark Knight, so you have passed the Saturnian test with flying colors.

Anything that is a long, grueling process which promises prestigious long-lasting rewards is Saturnian, like getting a PHD., for example. The process will be painstaking because so much preserverance is required, to TEST you to see if you’re really serious.  If you don’t give up and find a way to make it to the end of the road, you’ve really made it.

So, this is what your life is like…one long,arduous journey to mastery…particularly in romance and love. That’s because you have Saturn VERY close to Venus, the planet of love romance, and relationships.  In astrology, when two planets are right next to one abother we call call it a ‘conjunction’. It’s like 2 people making love, so it’s a very powerful connection.

You are destined to experience hard lessons in love, but in the end you will master them and enjoy  a long-lasting relationship that could withstand anything. Saturn is as hard as a rock, especially in the sign of Capricorn, where Saturn is in DIGNITY.

A planet in Dignity is a perfect fit. The energy of the sign is super powerful because the Planet’s natural impulse goes perfectly with sign’s expression, like Sun in Leo for example, or Johnny Walker, Blue Label…if that helps:)

So, you have a Royal Saturn…he’s going to make damn sure you get your love life straight…no matter how much it hurts…it’s your destiny.

What I’d be concerned about if I were you is your Mars, the planet of sex, masculinity, aggression,  confidence, and anger…Mars is the only planet you have in Fire…it’s in the ‘all over the place’ Sagittarius… and is having a sword fight with Jupiter, the planet of excess, in Cancer. Jupiter LOVES the sign of Cancer, and is, in astrology what we would call ‘exaltation’ , meaning deliciously orgasmic.

Be careful of impulsive overindulgence. Many times you can’t help yourself and need to lock down your sex drive. Find a girl to keep you interested and distracted from going over the deep end when it comes to overindulging in pleasure and fun. You need to find positive outlets for that Sagittarius Mars…sports, adventurous traveling…something constructive…otherwise it could leave you broke and 300 pounds overweight, (that’s on the extreme end…but definately possible…)

Also, make sure your woman REALLY turns you on. This is because Eros, the passion asteroid, is very close to your Sun/New Moon combo in the experimental sign of Aquarius.  There’s a freak in you! But it’s pretty harmless. It just means that sexual fanasty, adventure, eroticism, etc. run deep in your blood and you need someone who respects that and is willing to take that journey with you.

As long as you ‘keep it real’, it’ll all work out.  If you start going in the wrong direction you’re bound to know it because Saturn will kick you in the butt and get you back on track, and THAT is a true blessing. Be Grateful. You may have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to love, but you’ll definately pass the test!

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