The Plutonian Prince And King Henry the 8th

Sex and Power

The Thrill of Existence

This is the Plutonian way.  Your Cancerian gentleman’s chart is similar to King Henry the 8th’s…They are both Cancer Suns, were born when Pluto, the planet of sex, power, and wealth, was in the relationship sign of Libra, at the ‘critical’ 29th degree…the last degree of Libra, before entering into Pluto’s natural sign of Scorpio.

To top it off, Pluto was also stationary direct when they were both born. I think this is a pretty interesting coincidence when you take into account Pluto was also at the apex of a T-square, in both their charts!

This essentially means that for both these men, Sex, Relationships, Power, Greed, etc. play out in their lives in very similar ways. Their patterns of destiny are quite similar and lead them down the  same road of struggling with their own need for power and intensity.

The King had an exact opposition between Mercury, the planet of negotiation, and Saturn, the planet of legislation and the law…this opposition squares his Pluto in Libra. He was constantly battling with negotiations of one form or another in order to solidify his rulership. These battles were rather constant and emphasized his deep need for power at any cost…his desires for love were deep and always seemed to be on ‘edge’…

Your gentleman, who I’ll refer to as the “Plutonian Prince”,  has a simliar Pluto signature. His opposition is between a Sun Venus conjunction in Cancer, opposite the Moon in Capricorn. He was born when the moon was full in the sign of its detriment…Capricorn.

So he somehow may enjoy lathering in the the bubbles of his ‘cold heart’…that’s just the way he is…although he may seem hardened and cold…he feels quite comfortable with it. For him, displaying emotional aloofness and coldness could be like taking a bubble bath, a full, sensual, satisfying experience.

Yet, his basic nature is sensitive, vulnerable, and protective…he has a soft spot for romance and  thrives off sweet,  delicious,  emotional charm.

He needs the pull of a woman to feel at home with himself, especially emotionally.  He attracts women who are the up and up.. who are professionally established, traditional, business minded,  and sophisticated. 

His relationships are rather fulfilling in an emotionally destructive kind of way…not to be negative, but just to emphasize they are a vivid reflection of his own struggle to accept his feelings and his core needs. If he’s always battling with a woman, he never has the chance to confront his own emotional issues.

He can just continue to blame the woman for any  emotional struggle distress that results from the relationship,when in fact it may be him, and his own inability to accept his emotional nature, that could be the real problem.

His own level of emotional maturity will determine to what extent he may tend to project his own unresolved emotional  onto his relationships. Getting to know about this man’s relationship with his mother will tell you A LOT. If it’s rocky…I would certainly stay clear of getting romantically close.

So,these relationships with these ‘high class sophisticates’ put enormous pressure on his own need for power, wealth, and security. He could be a bit power-hungry and manipulative…I wouldn’t put anything past him when it comes to using charm, sex, and love to get to the top.

Being with this man, like being with Henry the 8th, certainly promises an intense experience! I’m not implying your life would be at stake, but he would certainly find a way to pull you to ‘the edge’…where that  29th degree is…sitting, floating, taking in the fullness of grace, beauty, and charm, preparing to release its divine light with explosive power.

 For him, there is no other way~

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