The Diplomatic Angel, Neptune Conjunct Venus in Libra in The 12th House

So you read the title , but essentially what does this MEAN? Think of Astrology as a grand Storybook…When Neptune and Venus are the main characters, it’s like Cinderella…in the sign of Libra…we have a “classy” Cinderella…refined in her values…taking pride in being “fair”, but also a little wishy-washy and easily prone to being gullible…this is because at the heart of it all she very much needs to be liked…and this is why she goes out of her way to please so much…

Now, when you put all this is the twelfth house, the house of ‘self undoing’ as it’s been labeled in the astrology community, well…it can become a nightmare. This is because the 12th house is so hidden, mysterious, alluring, and incredibly ravenous…like the deep blue sea…it’s very romantic at first glance, but be sure to keep your distance because if you get too close…too deep, you could very well drown into the abyss…

Meditating on these symbolisms may be helpful for anyone who has a strong 12th house signature or Neptune in their horoscope…

So, lets start here…, what does this mean to YOU in your life…?

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  1. Hi!

    This comment is especially for YOU! The more specific you can be about these symbolisms, and the more free you can be with your thoughts and feelings about them, the more light I’ll be able to shed…I want to take you in a good direction~!


  2. Your reading had a huge impact on me. I’d love to continue the journey. Please contact me.

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