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Dancing With the Stars Semi-Finalists Have All the Elements of the Zodiac Covered!


 Alchemy in Motion~ Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Once again each semi-finalist covers an element of the zodiac! Rob Kardashian is a sensitive Pisces, Hope Solo an outgoing Leo (conjoining Mars), Ricki Lake an elegant Virgo, and J.R. Martinez, a fluid Gemini.  J.R. Martinez is approaching his Saturn Return, while tonight Saturn conjoins Rob Kardashian’s Moon. Rob is bound to have heavy feelings tonight, no matter how things turn out!

October 3rd, Daily Horoscope, Venus shines in Libra!

A New Day, Venus in Libra

Venus, the planet of love and romance, is at 23 degrees Libra today. This is the very same degree Ricki Lake’s Venus is in, so her performance tonight on Dancing With The Stars is bound to be extra graceful~

Venus will be in Libra  for a little while longer, so take advantage of your romantic opportunities this week~

The First Weekly for October!