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Eclipse in Libra~ Find the Sweet Spot of Your Relationship

An Emotional Connection~

An Emotional Connection~

The energy from last week’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra is still alive and kicking. Libra is about balance, and finding that balance through relating to others. There’s a lot to take in…courage will not be an option, but a necessity. Although you might not see it yet, change has already happened, it’s just a matter of time (sooner than later), for a new door to present its self. It’ll be up to you to open it! Once you take that first step, you may notice a special relationship  awakening a sweet spot within you that you’ve been craving to satisfy.

Find the sweet spot for your sign below~























The Isis Full Moon in Libra


So, on Thursday night  the Libra Full Moon was tightly entwined with the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.  This  influence will last a while I think. The spirit of Isis shining through the luminousity of a Libra Full Moon, brings light to resurrection and healing, as we attempt to strike  a balance within our relationships.  Equality is personal. We all need special things to make us feel at peace within partnership. The quest for truth between two worlds, two, people, two lives…can a be an endless journey filled with frustration, or enlighenment…depending on how well we can access and direct our personal power.

Isis brings the gift of connection….she inspires us to go within and gather all the different parts of ourselves into one whole, so we can breathe life into a new, more authentic self.  We all have the ability to ‘connect’…to piece ourselves together with our own creativity…we may  see our self in the image of another, and be inspired because they have touched something within us that was once dormant. I think Isis offers us the power to become conscious of this process.

She lets us know  our lifeblood is deeply connected to others…we have the power to help reassemble and regenerate the ones we are closest to, and in the process, ourselves. If this is done with love and purity…magic happens. If it is done out of fear and attachment, we die. The line is very thin, and the journey can be dauntingly blurry. If we keep looking for the truth however,(our personal truth), and if  we can remain  guided from the depths of our intuition, things are bound to start showing up, one by one, like magic…until we see not only with our eyes but with our whole selves, and we can connect with another in fullness and beauty.

This leads into a segway for the dance~ Libra is about striking a chord of perfect balance…and within that comes the preoccupation with symmetry of line, of focus, of intent…how to create this balance within ourselves, even though what we see may not reflect that perfection~


Venus Trine Mars~ A Boy’s First Crush


A Boy’s First Crush Afternoon of  a Faun, Ethan Stiefel & Julie Kent, New York City Ballet

So today the planet of love dances with Mars. Sparks fly, but they are delicate ones. Girls and boys can get a along, as  long as they are allowed to flirt! I remember  in elementary school how boys would do annoying things to get a girl’s attention…a pulling of braid, or the stealing of a school book, a playful shove at the playground…this meant he actually liked you!  I think this is what this energy is all about…being able to express one’s masculinity or femininity in such a way that it attracts the opposite sex, in a friendly, playful, and daring way.

 Mars is quite a daring planet, and when placed in perfectionist Virgo, it will make sure it’s very neat  while showing off his courage, and this kind of perfection is exactly what a girl falls for. ‘I can’t he believe he did that’!, kind of thing.  Ask any grown man what he did in is younger years to impress the girl he fancied most, and I’ll bet you’ll come up with many crazy stories! After all, whose to say a mans’ first crush is any less meaningful than the first moment he met his wife…?

So, today is a celebration of that ‘crush’ feeling. where that silly boy goes over the top and takes on that ridiculous dare of holding is breath for  over 3 minutes, running faster than the next car that passes, or maybe even doing a double back flip- and in that moment of trial, he succeeds with perfection because his desire to win his sweethearts affection is so high. This is the day for boy who so desperately wants to show his sweetheart he can do anything, and most importantly, will do anything just to  win  her heart!