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President’s Day~



Lincoln Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln has the strongest Terpsichore Signature of all the U.S. Presidents. What’s really interesting is his Terpsichore placement matches that of two other notable figures in history, Shakespeare, master of words and Michael Phelps, master of strokes. Lincoln, perhaps could be seen as the master orator. All these men, in this way, were the master of rhythm, the rhythm of words, the rhythm of strokes, and the rhythm of speech, all within the context of flow in this human dimension we call time.

So, what is it exactly that these three men, Abraham Lincoln Michael Phelps, and William Shakespeare share, in regards to Terpsichore? How exactly does Terpsichore tie them all together? They all have Terpsichore tightly joined with the most spiritual part of the horoscope, the North Node.

In Lincoln’s case, I believe Terpsichore is reflective of the story-teller,the orator, the political poet, if you will, which was so emphasized in Spielberg’s film. Perhaps Lincoln’s words were destined to live long after his death. Perhaps the spirit of his language was meant to be shared in a much deeper way than we’ll ever know~