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Seven Ways to Make Your Life Shine While the Sun Shines in Libra~

Seven ways to vitalize your life while the Sun is in Libra


As the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the only sign that is not symbolized by an animal, or living being. ¬†This might be because as the sign of relationships, Libra carries a sophistication that goes beyond instinct, or individual expression. The scale represents the “truth” of what lies outside our personal experience. Accepting circumstances as they are- yet honoring your own sense of justice, and freewill, is the gift of Libra.¬†

Seven Ways to use to this gift:

1. Mirror the behavior of a mentor, or confidant to enhance your social skills.

2.Take pride in being stylish.

3.Give lots of genuine compliments, small and big.

4.Think like a judge-be decisive.

5.Treat others not as you would want to be treated, but as he or she wants to be treated.

6.Make the happiness of your sweetheart, spouse, or special loved one, your first priority.

7.Believe in the power of justice, and honor this belief through your daily actions.

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