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New Moon in Capricorn, January, 2018

The New Moon is in Capricorn

If your ship doesn’t come in-swim out to it.

Jonathan Winters


Drenched-Photo by Bob Morrison

The New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of maturity and perseverance, arrives on Tuesday, January 16, at 9:17 p.m. EST, and will be active until Friday, January 26. Venus , the planet of attraction and harmony, is also in Capricorn, and will tightly embrace the New Moon. This unique planetary alignment will add a romantic, artistic flair to all new endeavors in the coming weeks. Thanks to the influence of Capricorn, no matter how inspired or romantic you may feel, you’ll likely remain grounded and will be inclined to think long-term. If you are a creative professional or aspiring artist, your commitment to your work will help your artistry flourish. If you are in business (Capricorn’s domain), your professionalism and social grace can now help you secure a lucrative opportunity.

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Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, December 21, 2014, New Moon in Capricorn~

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs

Week of December 21 2014

New Moon in Capricorn

Time for a fresh start

New Moon in Capricorn

This week begins with a New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn- a potent degree for this cardinal sign. All signs will feel the impact, but Capricorns especially!  As the holiday season comes to its peak and leads into the tail end of the year, we will be pulled to buckle down, and get serious. This event will definitely be a timely cosmic foreshadowing as Saturn (Capricorn’s planetary ruler), initiates into Sagittarius, after a two year journey in Scorpio.

Saturn’s initiation into Sagittarius is BIG ASTROLOGCAL NEWS! I will have more on this to come, and how this will impact you,  (that means all signs!),as the New Year approaches.

Until, then, have a Beautiful, Peaceful, Holiday filled with Love and Joy!

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Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs December 18th


Love is in the Air

On Tuesday, Venus leaves practical and committed Capricorn to make its entrance into freedom loving Aquarius. Love, relationships, and finances take on a freer, more expansive tone. Appreciating true friendship,  close knit community, and the essence of humanity attract harmony and abundance.


Find a lover in your friend and a friend in your lover.

You’re glowing in the midst of the crowd! Attending large holiday celebrations brings great opportunities to meet new and exciting people who could benefit your cash flow. Love is found through friends, or you may find that your friend becomes your lover! Whatever the case, this is your time to relish in the real you when opening  your heart with others. You have nothing to hide and everything to share! The new moon in Capricorn on Christmas Eve promises new beginnings in business and your professional destiny. This is an especially powerful influence. You may feel a turbo boost taking over when it comes to achieving your destiny. Go with it as it’s bound to lead to high places! Still, be realistic about your professional goals. Being methodical, and taking things one step at a time is crucial for success to be substantial and long- lasting, which is exactly what this New Moon energy is pushing for you to have. The first five days after the New Moon are the most powerful, so take that last week of December seriously and make a solid plan for achieving your highest goals, so by the time January comes, you can hit the ground runnning…your specialty!


A Creative Journey

It’s a great time to turn on the charm in your professional life when Venus moves in Aquarius on Tuesday. Explore the artistic side of your professional endeavors and seek out relationships that could help you  bring  your talents to the forefront for the VIPs of your industry.  If you’re an artist, it’s a perfect time to turn let your creativity shine in the spot light because you’ll be recognized by all the right people. The new moon in Capricorn on Christmas Eve lights up your optimistic and adventurous side. This is a good time to plan a trip overseas, to start a new course, learn a new language, or explore a new religion and or culture.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder while deep changes rock your bedroom & bank account!

Long distance romance is comforting now. If you’re committed, it’s a nice time to plan a trip to a far and away haven with your loved one. You may find yourself  attracted to different cultures, religions, and ways of life while Venus is in freedom loving, Aquarius, from December 21st through the 14th of January.  It’s also a nice time to take on learning a new language  because  you’ll really enjoy the learning process, you will literally ‘fall in love’ with the language! Legal matters go smoothly at this time; if money is involved you will come out on top. Christmas Eve shines with the New Moon in stabilizing Capricorn. New beginnings in your most intimate partnerships will take on a serious, committed tone. It’s time to shed your skin and become more powerful within your closest liaisons,  both financial, and sexual.


Venus steps into your life’s bedroom bank account on Wednesday, when venturing from practical Capricorn to escapist Aquarius. You’ll be feeling more free spirited and sexually adventurous! Sharing and opening up to others, particularly your significant other,will come more easily to you now. If you’re currently unattached, you may feel the increased need to be intimate with a special someone. Don’t let this emotional urge get you down! Instead, let it inspire you to let your hair down and loosen up the tie…be free, and allow your deepest desires to come to the surface. If you can do this all in earnest, your bound to attract a special someone…they may appear in quite an unexpected way, all the more exciting for the New Year! Christmas Eve brings a New Moon in the relationship sector of your chart…AND it’s in Capricorn…this spells a new romance that could easily lead to serious commitment, just remember, let your guard down. Relax.  Whatever your heart desires is on its way…it’s arrival time is much quicker than you know!


Love sparkles while work gets done!

Relationships becomes more exciting and thrilling when the planet of love and romance enters  freedom loving Aquarius.  Romance is open and friendly and may sneak up on you unexpectedly! It’s also a good time to socialize with friends and attend big social gatherings.  You sparkle in your individuality now and naturally attract people with your friendly charm. Christmas Eve brings New Moon energy in your work and fitness life. Time to get serious about creating structure in your daily life. Work on creating a daily regimen that makes practical errands, as well as your fitness routine a priority. If you have a pet, it’s a great time to make sure they’ve had their annual check up. Give your pet extra attention and take pride in your responsibility for the pet you so cherish!


Cuddly and Warm!

You’ll be enjoying day-to-day life with charm and grace with Venus’s entrance in to Aquarius, on Wednesday. You may be seeing much more of your friends during the holidays as well, an added bonus! Pets are extra enjoyable at this time too. Give them your extra love and attention and you’ll be overloaded with their affection! If you’ve had your eye one someone where you work, be prepared for a move to be made because romantic sparks are flying all over the place! Christmas Eve is super romantic because a New Moon will be hitting your romantic life in the sign of loyalty and commitment, Capricorn. Capricorn is known for its dependability and the New Moon is about beginnings. A new chapter of romantic committment and or/ creative expression could be in store…!


Take a risk with romance while creating peace in your home~

Your heart is feeling free and ready to fly into the unknown! Take a risk if there’s someone you’ve had your eye on..give them a hint and you could be pleasantly surprised! Spending time with children is especially favored as well. Any creative endeavors are laced with your own unique stamp of expression. Artistic pursuits off all sorts offer excitement and may eve n have a humanistic edge to them. Christmas Eve opens a chapter of family security and a stable home life. It’s a good time to acquire some emotional stability and work on getting your private life in order.  If there’s any work that needs to be done in your home, this is time to start home improvement project. The results are likely to be long-lasting, leaving you feeling much more secure and at peace.


Take a journey through the lighter side of romance and  life~

Family relationships glow with love and bring you extra comfort when Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday.  Your emotional nature may feel a lifted the more you get into the spirit of the holidays. Decorating the tree and adorning your home with holiday charm brings you extra joy as well. You may want to experiment and do something a little different with this year’s holiday style to keep things interesting. Shop for those musical lights you always though about getting…get some acid jazz Christmas music…you get the idea:) The New Moon enters Capricorn on Christmas Eve, a wonderful stabilizing influence. This especially good for relationships with siblings as well as negotiations, learning projects, writing, and communication in general.


Online Romance Sizzles while you  Break Down your Budget~

You may find yourself doing a lot of sweet talk while Venus is in Aquarius. Love poems, romantic e-mails and tweets…online dating especially is well starred. So if you’re single and you really want to meet someone new whose exciting , and interesting, online dating will be a perfect route to romance! Lots of phone calls, e-mails, and dates are bound to follow. Casual coffee/tea dates are well starred, especially at unique places around the neighborhood that have a real community feel- no Starbucks please! Christmas Eve opens up a new financial chapter for you. Use the last week of December to go over your finances and make a plan on how to achieve greater financial stability for the new year. The energy will be in the air to support you in this. Be serious-minded and responsible when it comes to your money. Also, take inventory of your professional skills and makes steps to make sure you’re monetizing off your talents as much as possible!


Look! It’s a bird, it’s a it’s Money!!! Your attraction power is turned on and given a boost!

You can easily become a money magnet when Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday! You may also find yourself in the buying craze for the holiday season, and  your taste may be more refined than usual. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on beautiful, quality things, just make sure you don’t go overboard! Go for quality over quantity and keep it simple.  The New Moon is in your sign on Christmas Eve, a very special good luck omen….it’s time to begin a new life chapter that’s all about you. What do you want to achieve? What to you want to commit to? What do you want to build for yourself? Think longterm. The power of the New Moon will be there to aid you in reaching for and attaining what’s rightfully yours, so don’t hold back on your New Year wishes!


‘I am Love’

Love is in the air and you’re catching the windstorm! Getting into the Christmas spirit will be easy  as you receive the warm rays of Venus glowing down on you. It’s time to indulge in some extra sparkle and glow… go out on the town and make a statement. Your electricity warms all those around you and fosters a real sense of caring for this holiday season. If you’re single, you may not be for long as long as you keep yourself out and about…in other words, just be yourself! You’re bound to get a good catch while Venus in your sign from this Wednesday from the 14th of January…if you’ve been feeling a little stale, spending time with your friends will invigorate you and speed up the romantic process;) The Christmas Eve New Moon is especially brilliant for you because it awakens your spiriutality…perfect timing! Be sure to look within during the first five days after the New Moon, when it’s power is the strongest. There are gifts, spiritual secrets waiting for you…seek, and you shall find!


Swept Away

You may find yourself  in an extra romantic mood once Venus enters escapist Aquarius. Your heart may indeed feel like escaping into your favorite Christmas song, never to return. Of all the signs, Pisces wears the Christmas spirit the best. You all just ‘get it’, without even trying! For some, I wouldn’t be surprised if every day is your own version of Christmas…that’s what probably keeps you going! Knowing you have something special to give, that others matter, and life is much bigger than it seems. No matter what you do, there is an artist in you, and while Venus is in Aquarius, Venus’s rays warm up the artist in you. So, take pleasure in your favorite holiday tunes, films, and if you haven’t already, see the Nutcracker…it’ll be worth it! The Capricorn New Moon on Christmas Eve sparkles with good cheer and hope, not the desperate kind of hope, but the ‘real’ kind of hope that makes you feel warm inside because you just ‘know’ something really good is straight on its way, just for you…~

Dancers and Bodyworkers Weekly Horoscope, December 18th


    ‘Artists are going to be the metronome of this society’.    Yoko Ono

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Movement is the Essence of Life


                                                      Unleashing the ‘Artiste’ & Confronting Reality

Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday. Dancers will enjoy a new freedom to explore new dimensions of their artistry and take a risk with creative experimentation. Bodyworkers may notice clients talking more and becoming more sociable. Join them in their need to share. They may invite you to holiday social gathering. By all means go! You’re likely to meet  interesting and exciting people who can benefit your cash flow!

The new moon enters Capricorn on Christmas Eve. New moons are always about beginnings. This new Capricorn energy is great for creating a new business plan to bring in more profits and stability. Capricorn is an opportunist because it wants to make sure its hard work pays off with recognition, status, and results, whether they be financial or relationship based. The first five days after the new moon are the most potent.  Make sure to use those last of December to create a well thought out plan that can be ready to be executed by the new year.

Dancers will benefit from putting their business cap (pun intended)!, on and think about whether their artistry is receiving its rightful recognition. Are you getting paid what you think you should? Are you getting the roles you’d like? If not, think about making some practical steps that can get you closer to reaching your potential, both materially and artistically. If you’re content with your current dancing situation, the last week of December is a great time to make a plan about how to solidify your current position to create a solid foundation for future growth. The same goes for bodyworkers. One thing Capricorn energy is really good for is being realistic. Sometimes this can be painful for creative, spiritually oriented people, but in the end, it pays dividends!

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Pisces Weekly Video Horoscope December 18th



‘Nothing will bring you peace except yourself’. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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