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Moon in Virgo~

Moon Dances

Illumination for the Soul

All Matter Depends on Movement.  René Descartes

Leo Inspiration from Maya Angelou~

A Dancestrology Dance Video



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December Forecast


December Forecast


Misty Copeland and Alexandre Hammoudi

For mortal to aid mortal-this is God. Pliny the Elder

A full moon in Gemini will arrive Tuesday, December 13, and its influence will carry on until Christmas.  As the sign of correspondence and trade, Gemini likes to keep us moving.  You can expect the last two weeks to be busy, but no so much that you can’t make extra time to catch up with friends and socialize. Keep in mind Mercury (Gemini’s ruler), will be retrograde from Thursday, December 19, thru Monday, January, 9, which will definitely keep things interesting. Gifts cards will likely be the safest bet for fickle loved ones.  Loved ones you know very well may undergo a change in personal taste that may be nearly impossible for you to anticipate.

The good news is the full moon will be in beautiful alignment with Jupiter, the Santa Clause of astrology (now in Libra, the planet of relationships).  So, even if you miss the mark with a special gift, your generosity will be graciously received.  The new moon will arrive Thursday, December 29, in Capricorn. This new moon will a great way to usher in 2017, as it will firmly shake hands with the action planet, Mars, (which will be in Pisces).  The following two week will be a great time to get down to business (a Capricorn virtue) while be guided by what truly inspires you (thanks to Pisces).

For those who will celebrate Christmas, you can look forward to a beautiful day. A most fortuitous and rare alignment between Venus and Jupiter will click in perfection on Christmas day, 8:23 a.m. EST. Venus, the planet of love and affection, will be in Aquarius, a fabulous match for Jupiter in Libra.  Indeed, if you are an air sign, this Christmas will likely be very memorable.  And for all the rest, no matter your faith, this day will likely lift your spirits, and make you want to sing your favorite song.

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The Sun Enters Sagittarius

Nine Ways to Spread the Spirit of Sagittarius

1.Laugh  2. Philosophize  3.Be Honest  4.Stay Curious  5.Thing Big  6.Be Heroic       

7.Be Spontaneous  8. Have Faith

9. Spread Your Truth!

Famous Sagittarius Dancers and Terpsichoreans

Emily Dickenson, Alicia Alonso, Desmond Richardson, Nostradamus, Alexander Godunov, Larry Bourgeois, Taylor Swift, Grace Marcum, Jamie Foxx, Charlize Glass, Vaibhavi Merchant

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Remembering Prince, Puer Aeternus

The Mysterious Gemini


I know (my?) heart is beating, my drummer tells me so
If U take your life 4 granted, your beating heart will go
So don’t sleep until you’re guilty, ‘cuz sinners all r we
There’s others doing far worse than us, so be glad that U r freeBe glad that U r free
Free 2 change your mind
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime
Be glad that U r free
There’s many a man who’s not
Be glad 4 what U had baby, what you’ve got
Be glad 4 what you’ve got



 Gemini Sun, Scorpio Ascendant

Pisces Moon


A brilliant musician and performer, Prince will be greatly missed.  A powerhouse creative, he wrote and composed too many mesmerizing songs to note, and was always challenging himself artistically. From Purple Rain to Sign of the Times, to his latest experiments- (HITnRun Phase II),his imagination was always on the move, stretching the boundaries of musical possibility.

Not surprisingly, his Terpsichore was in Virgo, (a very balletic sign), as he was a true lover of dance. Shortly after Diamond’s and Pears was released,  after seeing the Joffrey Ballet, he was inspired to compose for  ballet, and ended up composing the music for “Billlboards”, one of the Joffrey Ballet’s  most memorable pieces. 

 His enthusiastic financial support of ballet should be well noted, as he made a generous donation to Harlem’s Uptown Dance Academy, a school that specializes in high quality ballet training for aspiring  African American ballerinas and danseurs. His collaboration with American Ballet Theater’s first African American principle dancer, Misty Copeland (a Virgo), also attest to his fascination with the ballerina mystique. 

He was a Gemini (a musical coat of many colors), with a Scorpio ascendant and Pisces moon.  Yes. Prince was deep. Let his music move us over and over again, as  the stars intended~



The Power of Jimi Hendrix~ Going all out for Thanksgiving!

Knowledge Speaks, but Wisdom Listens

Jimi Hendrix



With Terpsichore in Leo, in fierce battle with Mars, the  musical expression of Jimi Hendrix  is like a rocket- ready to be launched far and away, into the universe. Today’s cosmic weather will infuse this Thanksgiving with a spirit of spontaneity, humor, and joy.  Mercury’s entrance into Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler, will make it easy to make multiple visits, and appreciate the faith and generosity of your loved ones~


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Dick Clark’s Death Marks The Birth of a Terpsichore Legend

 Dick Clark  Passes into Terpsichore Light

Music is the soundtrack of  your life- Dick Clark

American icon, Dick Clark, host of  American Bandstand, and Sagittarius, passes away at a special Terpsichore moment, when she is in faithful Sagittarius conjunct the North Node. Dick Clark has natal Terpsichore in Scorpio at the very end of the 12th house, tightly conjunct his rising sign and south node in Scorpio. This tells me music was his spiritual blood, where he felt most at home.

 He also has Terpsichore directly opposing Chiron, which is tightly conjunct his Taurus north node in the 7th house of  relationships. His passion for music had a magical impact on all those he came into contact with, especially his loyal fans and audience. Musical giant Neptune is at the apex of a t square, making a home for his Sag Sun Mercury Mars stellium  Gemini Jupiter opposition. He indeed was a special Terpsichore personification, emphasizing the celebration of choral song, or music, as we know it today.  His chart is fascinating…and there is much more  Terpsichore  ground to cover, I feel as if I just begun…

His natal Chiron is in Taurus at the very end of the 6th house of health, (tightly conjunct his 7th house and  North node) . Mercury  is in the first  house while ruling the 8th house of spiritual transformation.   On the day of his passing, Chiron was exactly squaring his Mercury (ruler of the 8th),  as well as Mars, co-ruler of his ascendant and ruler of his 6th house of health.

I loved watching The Dick Clark Show when I was a young girl…it was like a Terpsichore ritual I wouldn’t dare miss. Listening and watching the music inspired me to dance in my living room where nobody could watch! Along with all the music lovers out there… I will miss him dearly.

He was  destined to be a Terpsichore legend.