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The Sun is in Aquarius!

The Sun is now in Aquarius!


Mamangam, The School of Dance

The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.  Muriel Rukeyser

The Sun’s journey through the constellation of Aquarius will last until Sunday, February 18. As the zodiac’s third air sign, Aquarius reflects the mature intellectual who thrives off objectivity. Aquarius is also infamous for being the best friend who forever remains loyal. While the Sun shines in Aquarius, you’ll have an opportunity to show up for a friend, become more active in your community, and create emotional distance from an ongoing circumstance that requires you to stretch your personality. This will help you gain wisdom as you strive to do bigger and better things, as Aquarius is also the sign of higher vision and new possibilities.

Famous Aquarian Dancers

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Pavlova, Maria Tallchief, Faisal Khan, Gregory Hines

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Mars Goes Direct in Virgo~ A Baryshnikov Event



A Baryshnikov Overview for all Signs~

Finally! The planet of inspired action goes direct in perfectionist Virgo. Mikhail Baryshnikov has Mars in Virgo- a great staple for what this placement is really capable of…physcial excellence. Virgo reflects the perfectionism required for ballet…the pure focus on technique. You can either do it or you can’t. There is only one right way to do it, so you must master the ‘how’ to be proficient. Much of the artistry is in the technique itself.  This is what ballet training is all about and why it’s best for dancers to start training very young if they want to be a professional. Exactitude is a prerequisite for brilliance.

To be exact, our minds must be clear so we can exist completely in the moment. Our nervous system needs to be keen and alert. It’s an odd thing, to be aggressively meditative. On one hand, the time space continuum is magnified, and  there’s the urge to master it. Yet, on the other hand, we have to lose ourself to the point where we can transcend time and space as we know it.  This process is not natural for  humans…we have to practice it. So now that Mars is direct, we can practice with more enthusiasm, fearlessness, and most of all passion…so we can finally get it right, or at least closer! As long as you let your actions speak louder than your words, you’ll be headed directly toward your target~

The Passionate Physical Precision of Baryshnikov

For all signs:

Sweep away any fear of inadequacy by  practicing getting into the zone~


Honor your health and speed through work projects in an orderly fashion.  Get physically tuned up, and you’ll run like a brand new machine.


Have fun! Let yourself breathe and be picky about your creative endeavors. They have to reflect the true you. Children give you motivation and confidence.


Get your private life together. Be meticulously courageous when it comes to settling family issues. In other words, pick your battles carefully.


Get clear about your negotiations. Have your facts straight. Assert your true intentions. Your fiery logic shows you can’t be pushed around.


Do do the numbers. Do they add up? If not, be diligent in getting the right answer. For there is a right answer, especially when it comes to your hard-earned money.


Your well-being is number one on your priority list. Fight for your right to do what you want to do. Have faith in your high expectations.


Try something different. By that I mean make some important decisions about changing your  psychological  ‘process’.  Make your steps small but well thought out.


Go for the gold, after you’ve written down exactly how you’re going to get it. If you want to break the mold, make sure you know the rules first.


Plunge forward with your best foot in your career path. You know what you’re doing. Now it’s time to prove that to others. Honoring your family gives you strength.


Your intelligence can get you places you normally wouldn’t dream of visiting. Strive to make detailed plans for your own special journey, the farther away, the better.


Be clear in the boundaries you create within your financial partnerships.  Be aggressive  with uncovering all fiscal details so you can be organized and at peace.


It’s now time to put analyses to the test and approach your relationships with a clear sense of mind. Knowing exactly what you want invigorates your personal mission.

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Mercury Squares Jupiter~ Unleash Your Genius With A Practical Approach


The Genius Within Hits Solid Ground

Mikhail Baryshinikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov is a lovely portrait of  Aquarius…inventive, adventurous…eager to change and experiment. This photo is a great visual metaphor of his going beyond the boundaries of not only classical ballet, but also Russia its self.   Aquarians are daring souls!  Of all the signs, they are the ones who are truly destined to experience the thrill of escape.  Thriving off of ‘breaking free’ from restrictions becomes a life mission for them. With today’s Aquarius event, the question arises, what does one do once freedom has arrived?  Spiritual philosopher Osho reminds us in his book, freedom, Courage to Be Yourself; there is a distinction between freedom ‘from’, and freedom ‘for’.  Also, notice that ‘be’  is capitalized. There is great importance to being yourself!  It can be quite a spectaculor, ongoing event!  Mercury’s  dance with Jupiter asks us: what can we make of our free minds?  How can we transform our freedom into comfort, pleasure, and security? Today’s cosmic energy unleashes the answers to move freely all around us. Keep your eyes and ears open for something new. Most of all, open your  mind as big as the belly of a whale… to a boundless reality that can hold the space to make sense of it all.