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Mercury Squares Jupiter~ Unleash Your Genius With A Practical Approach


The Genius Within Hits Solid Ground

Mikhail Baryshinikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov is a lovely portrait of  Aquarius…inventive, adventurous…eager to change and experiment. This photo is a great visual metaphor of his going beyond the boundaries of not only classical ballet, but also Russia its self.   Aquarians are daring souls!  Of all the signs, they are the ones who are truly destined to experience the thrill of escape.  Thriving off of ‘breaking free’ from restrictions becomes a life mission for them. With today’s Aquarius event, the question arises, what does one do once freedom has arrived?  Spiritual philosopher Osho reminds us in his book, freedom, Courage to Be Yourself; there is a distinction between freedom ‘from’, and freedom ‘for’.  Also, notice that ‘be’  is capitalized. There is great importance to being yourself!  It can be quite a spectaculor, ongoing event!  Mercury’s  dance with Jupiter asks us: what can we make of our free minds?  How can we transform our freedom into comfort, pleasure, and security? Today’s cosmic energy unleashes the answers to move freely all around us. Keep your eyes and ears open for something new. Most of all, open your  mind as big as the belly of a whale… to a boundless reality that can hold the space to make sense of it all.