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Gemini Weekly Video Horoscope December 11th


Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.

Martha Stewart

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Geminis Have the Best Creative Solutions!

Your ruler, Mercury, goes direct in Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 13th. One thing Sagiittarius is  known for is their honesty. Mercury in Sagittarius can easily suffer from the ‘big foot in the mouth’ syndrome, compelling us to blurt things out that although may be entirely truthful and honest, can ultimately hurt us, and the people we’re closest to.  Since this influence is currently  impacting the relationship sector of your chart, you may be feeling the repercussions of your words more heavily than usual. A good thing about Mercury going direct is it will give you the focus to clarify your communications within your partnerships. So any relationship matters that need to be settled with honesty and open-mindedness are sure to be blessed with Mercury’s forward momentum!

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