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Weekly Written Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign, December 25th



Slow & Steady Wins the Race


Jupiter in Taurus goes direct on Christmas day. This material, practical energy is hitting the earned income sector of your chart. This means financial matters can now proceed with more clarity and purpose. Any opportunities to increase your income bring simple and practical benefits as your life becomes stabilized. You may find yourself enjoying and appreciating the “good things” in life, more than you normally would! Enjoy the earthly comfort of hot chocolate and a cozy couch. You’ve been working hard lately and will benefit from slowing down and relaxing.  On Thursday the Sun in Capricorn joins forces with powerful Pluto.  This fusion of light and darkness impacts your professional life and image.  It can be intense and involve issues of power and authority. Whatever happens around this time, hold your ground and learn, learn, learn! There is a golden lesson here that has the power to lift you to new heights when it comes to your destiny.


You are the luckiest sign of the zodiac this week because Jupiter, the good luck planet, is in your sign! The really great news is on Christmas day it picks up speed because it goes direct! Expect life to be running more smoothly once Christmas comes. Opportunities come more easily and everything, especially practical matters, become more simplified, which they should be! Taurus has a knack for practicality.  You’ll find things becoming easier to achieve, and benefits of all kinds enter your life in a very straightforward, grounded kind of way…all for the purpose of creating more comfort and stability! Thursday brings a challenge around wanting to be bigger and better as the Sun in Capricorn fuses with powerful Pluto.  It’s time to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone dear Taurus…it’s Pluto’s job to make this happen whether you like it or not, so now that the Sun is facing off with Pluto’s transformative power, it’s your chance to give in a little to these forces that are much  bigger than you…join them! It’s time to grow beyond what you could ordinarily imagine…Thursday brings a taste of what’s to come.


Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, is now in the most hidden sector of your chart, the infamous karmic, “12th house”. What this says is your spirituality is about to get a big boost. Think of it as a kind of purification process. Anything lurking in the recesses of your subconscious mind is bound to grow and expand so that you can’t help but notice…this experience could lead you to appreciating a more holistic way of living… a way of life that puts your inward life in healthy  balance with your outward life. On Christmas day, Jupiter goes direct, so you may feel a refreshing  surge of  deep inner ‘purpose’. Reflecting on personal issues that may have been blocking you will open doors to answers only you could understand. Taking time out to pamper your spiritual side in a practical way…yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, brings you much happiness and joy now. On Thursday, the Sun in Capricorn joins forces with powerful Pluto…deep changes have been stirring for you, especially in matters of intimate partnerships, whether they be financial, romantic, or both…on Thursday you can welcome these changes as the Sun glows it’s light on the planet of transformation.


On Christmas day Jupiter in material Taurus goes direct in the realm of your dearest hopes and dreams. Jupiter loves to expand whatever it touches, for this reason it’s best known as the planet of opportunity. So, after Christmas, you my notice more energy around plans for expanding your future. This is a great influence for the new year because your future life  is being so lit up with positivity…’pracitcal positivity’, not just fluff. It’s a good time to make a solid plan of how to improve your life and reach your long-term goals. Taurus loves comfort and stability and is quite compatible with security oriented Cancer, so it’s a great time to approach your future in a very hopeful, yet ‘real’ way…a perfect combination!  On Thursday, the Sun in hardworking Capricorn joins forces with planet of permanent change, Pluto, in the realm of your relationships. You’ve been encountering a strong taste of power issues in your relationships since Pluto has entered Capricorn around 2009…on Thursday, the spotlight shines on this influence, and you’ll have an opportunity to feel more at ease with it…definately a good thing for getting you in touch with what you really want and need in your professional and romantic relationships!


Shining on center stage is what life has been about for you since Jupiter has been in Taurus, lighting up your professional destiny. On Christmas day Jupiter goes direct, so any questions around the direction of your professional life are likely to be answered. Clarity and momentum come more easily in your career, as well as opportunity and good luck! Opportunities are bound to bring stability, and may even increase your finances! This is a fabulous influence for artists because the planet of artistic expression, Venus, rules Taurus. So any artistic pursuits will now be easily heard by Jupiter, and he’ll come to the rescue  with just the right opportunity…professional highlights create practical benefits for you now.  Approaching your destiny methodically, one step at a time, will also bring good luck. On Thursday, the Sun in Capricorn joins forces with the intensity of Pluto. This fusion takes place in your day to day work life. Any power struggles in your workplace can offer a powerful lesson in management, not only in work, but in your daily life. Your health and fitness may also be impacted as well…perhaps you’ve been on a quest to improve your strength and endurance, Thursday brings a taste of  transformative power that invigorates your body and mind!


Jupiter, the planet of good luck and opportunity, aka. the Santa Clause of astrology, happens to be going direct of Christmas Day! From Christmas on, faith comes more naturally to you. Optimism can now be found around every corner of your life, and most of all, good things start happening, one after the other…there’s momentum around improving yourself. This is a wonderful influence for the New Year. Jupiter is behind you all the way when it comes to educational pursuits, long distance travel, legal issues, publishing, broadcasting, and positive belief, aka. faith…this may include religion or could it could be purely spiritual. In any case, your life receives a boost of positive energy as you feel Jupiter stepping on the gas, leading you to  bigger, broader horizons! On Thursday, the light of the Sun joins forces with the darkness of Pluto in hardworking Capricorn.  This powerful fusion floods in your creativity and inner light. If you have children, they may have a special message or lesson to show you around this time…you may be tested. Have no fears because you are likely to pass with the help of  the Sun’s spiritual  energy.  Any creative pursuits now have a lot of intensity around them and could involve power struggles. Hold onto your light and don’t give up. Remember it’s the message of your artistic vision that’s most important.


Intimate partnerships receive Jupiter’s blessing as it goes direct on Christmas day.   Receiving financial support/assistance come more easily. Debt can also be more easily  handled now as Jupiter brings opportunities to smooth out issues involving loans/investments.  Now is a time you could receive the funding from banks or other public/private institutions you’ve been waiting for. Your sex life also could get a positive boost! Sensuality becomes erotic, bringing you great joy and comfort with that special someone. On Thursday, the Sun in Capricorn faces off with the power of mysterious Pluto. This influences your private life, particularly your family. Perhaps you’ve been feeling like your emotional foundation has been a bit rocky lately…if so, Pluto may have something to do with it…it’s calling you to transform your family relations in a deep, permanent way. Thursday brings an opportunity to learn a lesson involving your home or family life…you have the power within to pass with flying colors…and this will undoubtedly strengthen  your emotional foundation.


Relationships of all kinds offer good things now that Jupiter is going direct. You may receive financial blessings from business partnerships and experience a taste of luxury from your romantic liaisons. Any opportunities or gifts your receive are a reflection of your own sense of ‘specialness’ and self-worth.  We all deserve to appreciated for our talents and god given gifts, and you are  now Jupiter’s  chosen one in this department! If you are single, you may meet many new people who make you feel wonderful about yourself…there is a glow around your perspective on partnership, and this is exactly what brings nice romantic opportunities your way.  On Thursday, a challenge may surface around a contract, an issue with a sibling, or a writing project…an intense conversation may ensue that challenges your opinions and forces you to find a new source of power beyond your intellect. Go with it. If you look at this situation objectively, you’ll clearly see a lesson waiting for you that could be invaluable to your growth, especially regarding the way you communicate.


Work brings good opportunities your way and makes you smile now that Jupiter, your ruling planet,  is going direct in Taurus. Your job offers security and pays the bills nicely. Taurus is a strong, stabilizing energy, so whatever work you’re doing now offers an opporunity to create a solid material foundation for your otherwise crazy, adventurous life! Day to-day life  feels more stable and it’s much easier to have a cheery, upbeat attitude around your work environment. You are making money and have a job you enjoy!  There is much to be happy about! If you’re looking for work, Jupiter will definitely help you find the right job for you. Have faith. A job is on its way, and this one has a very good chance of lasting. On Thursday, the Sun  teams up with powerful Pluto in hard-working Capricorn. This influence impacts your money. There may be a challenge or struggle around your finances that questions your personal values and power. Pluto wants you to stand up for yourself and earn what you’re rightly worth, but to do that, you’ll need to pass some tests and let go some self-defeating habits. I have a feeling you know what they are. Have courage and don’t be afraid to let go of the old because the new is simply fabulous, especially when it comes to acquiring abundance!


Romance, children, and creativity get a boost from Jupiter once it goes direct in earthy, practical Taurus on Christmas day. Christmas opens up your heart and you’ll be feeling the momentum of childlike fun increasing in the weeks to come. Taurus is reliable and takes it time with harvesting results, so being patient in an innoncent, child like way will bring you good luck!  Romantic liaisons bring comfort and become more solid. If you have children, they could offer some nice opportunities for you to open up your heart and expand the joy in your life. Creative endeavors may now expand and become  profitable for you. Anything  handmade is well starred for developing your artistry, even if you normally wouldn’t consider yourself  ‘good with your hands’.  You may feel more innocent and playful than usual, which is really healthy for you because it brings more balance into your life, making you all the more productive in business, a great bonus! On Thursday, when the Sun joins forces with Pluto, an opportunity to ‘step up to the plate’ is in store just for you. Your life has been undergoing deep changes on many levels for a while, and much of this has to do with how you experience your own power. Thursday’s message: learn from anyone and anything that challenges your integrity…be willing to release in order to gain, and a new source of energy will naturally surface, making you feel much stronger and solid.


Family and home issues offer good luck and  steer your life forward once Jupiter in Taurus goes direct on Christmas day.  You may even receive financial assistance from a parent…definately a blessing! Whatever blessings come from your family now give you emotional security and provide a solid foundation for your private life. This allows you more energy to focus on developing your professional life. This is also a time when you can enjoy the comfort of your own home as a safe haven. Reflecting on your past and sharing special memories deliver optimism and faith as you enter the new year. This Thursday, when the Sun in Capricorn joins forces with the power of transformative Pluto, you may have an intense spiritual breakthrough that puts you directly in touch with your own power, a power you didn’t even know you had!  So, tread lightly on any challenges around this time and be willing to receive the gift of a special karmic lesson. Be humble because you’ll come out feeling incredible stable as you dwell  in the roots of your own integrity. This inner knowing and stability prepares you to grow and blossom for the new year!


Christmas day brings the gift of Jupiter in Taurus going direct. All of your communications will get a positive boost and may even lead to material success. Contracts, clients, and negotiations of all sorts are well starred for you. This is especially a good influence for freelancers who have been looking to drum up some extra business. Jupiter expands your client base and brings in lots of opportunities to build your business in a careful, methodical way. Taurus is known to be the master of perseverance, so any communication projects you’ve been working slow and steady with are bound to meet the finish line with success. Relationships with siblings are also well starred now, look to them for support because now they are naturally a source of good luck for you.

On Thursday, the Sun in hard-working Capricorn, fuses with the transformative power of Pluto. This is a light meets dark kind of moment as the spirit meets and touches the soul. This influence sheds light on your social activities and your place within ‘community’…new possibilities are opening up for your future and breaking up the foundation of your life. Although this is fabulous news, sometimes it can be downright scary and thoroughly draining. Thusday offers the opportunity to meet up with this power in a humbling way and to consciously  let your life be touched and changed by powers beyond your control. Whatever happens, be willing to learn. The wisdom you gain now can be a spectacular catalyst for a new life chapter~

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