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Solar Eclipse in Virgo~

Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Waves of Change~

Sunday’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo will continue to send waves of changes for the upcoming months. Themes of identity, selflessness, and efficiency  will be strong as the fall season (for the Northern Hemisphere) arrives.


Find ways to be of service, and trust in the kindness of others. As the Buddhist saying goes, speak and act with a pure mind, and happiness will follow you, like your shadow, unshakeable~ 

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A Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse


Simplicity is  Glory

Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini brings an opportunity to acknowledge our most creative ideas, and to move gently into action, one step at a time, toward the completion of a wonderous, inventive journey of the intellect.

Forecast for Dancers and Bodyworkers



The Dancer’s Body is Simply the Luminous Manifestation of the Soul- Isadora Duncan

Sun and Terpsichore conjoin while  entering Scorpio

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Dance Gets Deep While The Body Heals~

Full Moon in Aires, October 11, 2011

Aries Full Moon

Tamara Rojo

A Child’s Spirit Dances Away~

October 11th, 2011 Full Moon in Aires

Fire in the Gut

Spanish Ballerina and Aires moon maiden Tamara Rojo (yes, her last name really is Rojo!), speaks candidly and dances like a care free champion. Her interpretation of modern dance diva Isadora Duncan, is full of innocent, playful, and straightforward movement. She dances like a child in the middle of playground, nothing to lose and everything to gain, just from the simple instinct to stretch out one’s arms and take a skip!  The softness of the moon turns razor-sharp with the influence of uncompromising Aries.  It’s dramatic; a wonderful emotional quality to have for a dancer. When feelings and athleticism unite, the dance of the child is born, and we have to move.

Aires is famously connected with ‘ego’, and although ‘ego’ is known for getting a bad rap, there’s something quite healthy about putting our needs first. The ability to have confidence in our emotions  leads to maturity, as long as we express them directly, and simply. This is the hard part! How many times do we question the validity of our emotions and end up in some convoluted guessing game about what it is we truly feel?

This is the gift of the Aires moon. It’s uncomplicated. It knows what it really needs. Acquiring emotional clarity is half the battle when it comes to being truly content. Fear usually is the real enemy. What would happen if we stated what we wanted and didn’t get it? How we would be process that rejection? Aires has the courage to put its needs first and the resilience to pop back up if its needs aren’t met. Similar to a child who stumbles while making its first steps, the Aires moon personality just keeps going.  Eventually, usually sooner than later, it lands on its feet and starts moving with great enthusiasm, as if it had never fallen!

The ballet work is full of rejection, and intense emotion…I  relish in Spanish Ballet Star Tamara Rojo’s perspective on dance because it’s so straightforward and honest. This is the gift of the Aries Moon! The treasures of Tamara’s Aires moon can be found in this excerpt from an interview with Stephen Moss in June’s issue of  The Guardian. This is a wonderful read that brilliantly reveals the Aries Moon personality. Ms. Rojo candidly states her disapproval of “Black Swan”, while validating her integrity along her artistic journey as a dancer.

My favorite  quote: “You do not and should not think you have to suffer for the art.”

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