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Weekly Written Horoscopes ~ Week of February 6th




Venus enters Aries this week on Wednesday, February 8th. Independence, courage, sex, and identity are themes that are likely to play out in our relationships. Although Venus may feel a bit uncomfortable handling such masculine energy, for those of us that are a little shy when it comes to pursuing passion, this energy will put some fire on your tail and really heat up your romantic life, especially sexually. It’s also a good time to explore one’s own needs and wants. I think this is particularly helpful for women who may make a habit of pleasing their partner before they’ve even become clear about what their own needs and desires are. Women get to play the masculine role now…to feel what it’s like to be aggressive and take the risk and actually play the role of the pursuer!


Love comes through just being yourself. Being direct attracts you to all you need.


Love comes through introspection. Go deep. Unveil your own romantic mysteries to attract what’s right for you.


Love comes through friends and socializing. Social media is a candy store of romantic opportunities!


Love comes through stepping full force into your own special destiny. The more focused you are on your own special mission, the more attractive  and alluring you become!


Long distance romance is well starred.  If you need a little romantic sweetness in your life, museums, cultural fairs, and spiritual events can lead the way to a happy heart~


Love comes through releasing your fears about powerlessness.  This allows your love to mature. Be direct in claiming your needs and desires, and you’ll get the support you need.


Love comes through putting you first. See how it feels, take a risk, and you may unexpectedly realize this approach was the answer all along…


Love comes through focusing on the task at hand.  Surrender to the moment. Be pure in your intentions yet clear on what you want, and you just might get more than you bargained for…in  a good way!


Love comes through spontaneous creative expression. Go to the play ground, find a swing and sway to the heights of your delight. Your heart will be happy that you did!


Love comes through feeling at home with your deepest emotions. Strive to find that inner security within yourself, and watch lovely things emerge that carry your heart forward.


Love comes through direct communication. Have your best interests at heart first. This simplifies complications and reveals a direct path to happy heart!


Love comes through building your own sense of self worth. Look in the mirror, notice what you like…magnify it x 10, and watch this playful vanity work like a charm!


Venus in Aquarius Takes on Jupiter in Taurus, The Dance of Will


Wanting More

What happens when the goddess of love and desire pulls toward the grandness of Jupiter? The heart becomes greedy…we become aware of our insatiable need for attention and adoration, whether it be through friends, our community, or even a stranger… we long to know our mere existence is beautiful, that we are seen for who we truly are, and last but not least, that we matter more than anyone else, especially to our loved ones.  As tall of an order as this is, it’s a welcome one. Sometimes we just need to let loose and admit to ourselves that we are human and we have real desires. I don’t think of myself as a feminist per se, but I dare say this planetary influence especially appeals to women. This is a perfect time for women to experiment with being a little reckless in their pursuit of happiness, it’s completely acceptable to be knocked down and scuffed up because not only will your feminine glory be pulled up, it will ground you and make you blossom!