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Sherri Shepherd’s Unexpected Farewell on DWTS

Sherri Shepherd’s Shocking Elimination on DWTS

A Uranus Conjunct Saturn Classic Moment~

‘That thing that scares you the most- that you don’t know if you can do because ‘I’m so scared’ -run toward it – because it’s beautiful on the other side’. ~ Sherri Shepherd

I was shocked and so saddened to see The View’s bubbly host Sherri Shepherd leave DWTS last night!! I actually did a video prior to the last show, predicting she would definitely stay in! Sherri was my favorite contestant and I was really rooting for her. After her elimination, I looked into her chart more deeply and noticed Uranus, the planet of unpredictable shock and surprise, traveling right on her Saturn, the master of karma and  hard-won maturity.  Sherri’s Saturn is in Aries, the ‘winner’ of the zodiac…wherever Saturn sits in our chart tells the story of  where and how our hardest lessons are learned. For Sherri, Aries themes of bravery, competition, athleticism and valor,  bring her great hardship yet offer glorious rewards of maturity and humility, whether she end up ‘winning’ or not.

 I admit I haven’t been following DWTS as closely as previous seasons, yet from what I’ve seen…of all the contestants, it looks like  Sherri wanted this experience the most and will be changed by it the most.  I say this because  her Terpsichore is on the very edge of  Cancer  at 29 degrees (which is also pretty close to her Jupiter), at the apex of a T square…setting the stage for a Sun Mars opposition to play its self out, which I believe  is exactly what happened last night on DWTS.

I wouldn’t be surprised if last night was the most emotional night of her life.

‘That thing that scares you the most- that you don’t know if you can do because ‘I’m so scared’…Run toward it.  Because it’s beautiful on the other side’

Watching her say this electrified my bones and made me smile inside. Somehow I think Sherri’s experience on DWTS reflects Terpsichore’s own experience…to take such delight in celebration through music and movement, as a mother,  and as a story-teller, whose purpose is to relay a very special message about the beauty of life. Terpsichore’s journey, I’m finding, is much about coming home to the depths of our human feeling, where the unexpected could happen at any moment and turn our souls upside down. Perhaps this is why she is so married to each moment, celebrating life with the power of her human gifts, her body, and her voice. Sherri is an undeniable Taurus,  with her Sun at the strongest (‘Aries point’) 1st degree, of the sign of the body and voice,…Taurus- the sign of the bull who has the strength and power that’s required for the ‘dancer’ to bring the dream down to Earth, like Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Margot Fonteyn, James Brown, Isadora Duncan,  Michele Wiles, and Jack Cole, to name a few…Sherri also has Taurus’s ruler Venus, married to the exquisite fixed star Aldebaran, in 9 degrees of Gemini. Her light is special indeed…meant to shine in more ways than she could probably imagine.

Her dancing has revealed  just a glimmer of her hidden potential~

Hope Solo’s Leo Paso Doble Brings her to the Edge for Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Semi-Finals

A  Leo Celebration for True Dance Athlete Hope Solo on DWTS

Sun Mars Conjunction~ Leo at its Best!

Last night was the first round of the Semi-Finals on Dancing With the Stars. I was a bit taken aback by the the outgoing display of upbeat enthusiasm from Hope Solo and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy,  amidst a tackle of  less than ideal scores for their triple 7 Paso Doble and last place ranking in the Cha-Cha Relay.  The Judges Consensus:

 ‘the character took over while the grace and fluidity suffered.’

Hope has her Sun dignified in Leo making a tight conjunction with her Mars in Leo. This essentially means the light of her Sun showers her confidence,drive, and ambition with royalty and a stong sense of ‘performance’.

Leo of course in infamous for being the performer of the zodiac, and it seems last night Hope’s dancing suffered from an overdose of Leo character. Still, the classic “don’t rain on our parade” attitude made them excellent sports! 

Leos make the best sports when it comes to falling short of winning expectations. Their hearts are so open and I think they really believe there’s always going to be another opportunity coming their way to give them a chance to shine even brighter~

I am not an optimist, I am a possibilist.

Julian Huxley

Dancing With the Stars Semi-Finalists Have All the Elements of the Zodiac Covered!


 Alchemy in Motion~ Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Once again each semi-finalist covers an element of the zodiac! Rob Kardashian is a sensitive Pisces, Hope Solo an outgoing Leo (conjoining Mars), Ricki Lake an elegant Virgo, and J.R. Martinez, a fluid Gemini.  J.R. Martinez is approaching his Saturn Return, while tonight Saturn conjoins Rob Kardashian’s Moon. Rob is bound to have heavy feelings tonight, no matter how things turn out!

A True Aries Moment! Chaz Bono’s Breakthrough on Dancing With The Stars~

Aries at its Best!

Chaz Bono’s Horoscope & Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the stars contestant Chaz Bono experienced the moment of a lifetime last night when dancing to the “Rocky” theme song. His north node is at the Aries point in Aries! So, this dance for him was particularly special. The north node being symbolic of our spiritual destiny…a destiny that not only puts us on a hard path but the right path.  Chaz nailed every step. His focus was unstoppable. It definitely was a true Aries moment!

The transiting north node in Sagittarius was also squaring his natal moon in Virgo, suggesting public recognition of grand proportions, and in particular the emotional support from and incredibly powerful and special woman, his mother, Cher. She was in tears as she watched him perform.

This is one of many examples of how dance can so clearly reveal the spirit inside~