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Lunar Eclipse in Aries, A Courageous Closing Chapter~

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Confidence is on the Rise!

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

The lunar eclipse in Aries will compel you to  find the courage to bravely move on. As the pioneer of the zodiac, Aries is a natural leader, and looks only forward. Something in your life will likely come to a closing chapter, but the very end will be up to you. Take hold of your free will, and your confidence will spark a hint of the freedom that’s yet to come.

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The Sun Embraces Jupiter in Virgo- The Luckiest Day of 2015 is Here!

The Sun lights up Jupiter- A Special Virgo Event~

The hard must become habit. 
                                                                                  The habit must become easy.  
                                                                                    The easy must become beautiful.
                                                                          – Doug Henning  

The Sun and Jupiter are now in Virgo, the sign of perfection that says ‘practice makes perfect’!

But remember it must be quality practice, as Virgo would have it no other way~

A Virgo Inspiration~

If you’re a Virgo, expect a double dip of pleasure, for astrologically, today is a most special day-the luckiest day of the year! Jupiter, the planet of faith opportunity, expansion, and abundance, made its grand entrance in August 11. Today Jupiter will be embraced by the bright rays of the summer Sun, which is now in Virgo too!

Virgo is the quintessential symbol or purity. Whether you strive for  purity of heart, moral intention, or  consciousness, today you’ll likely experience a glimpse of the truth. Your unique character will easily align with a virtue you’re working hard to attain or develop. You may get ‘an hah moment’, while performing the simplest of tasks, or a day dream may send you a special message that may lead to a breakthrough about your unique place in the in word.

No matter what sign you are, believe in your ability to buckle down, focus, and get organized, and you’ll likely outdo yourself with a job incredibly well done!

Famous Virgo Dancers

Gene Kelly                                                                                                                                             

 Misty Copeland                                                                                                                                     

 Drew Jacoby                                                                                                                                        

 Michael Jackson      


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Jupiter makes a Grand Entrance in Leo, the Zodiac’s Star Performer~



Jupiter has newly arrived in Leo!

Cool, delicate cream

wild raspberries awake

soft throat, gentle bliss

 Leo is now the Celestial Favorite~

Jupiter in Leo

          Jupiter’s entrance in Leo will tantalize the senses and invite luxury at every corner.

Ingredients for  Indulgement




Ancestral Roots


Intellectual Curiosity


Self Reliance




Dreams, in the night






Global Consciousness






Personal Truth

Dancers and Bodyworkers Weekly Horoscope, December 18th


    ‘Artists are going to be the metronome of this society’.    Yoko Ono

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Movement is the Essence of Life


                                                      Unleashing the ‘Artiste’ & Confronting Reality

Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday. Dancers will enjoy a new freedom to explore new dimensions of their artistry and take a risk with creative experimentation. Bodyworkers may notice clients talking more and becoming more sociable. Join them in their need to share. They may invite you to holiday social gathering. By all means go! You’re likely to meet  interesting and exciting people who can benefit your cash flow!

The new moon enters Capricorn on Christmas Eve. New moons are always about beginnings. This new Capricorn energy is great for creating a new business plan to bring in more profits and stability. Capricorn is an opportunist because it wants to make sure its hard work pays off with recognition, status, and results, whether they be financial or relationship based. The first five days after the new moon are the most potent.  Make sure to use those last of December to create a well thought out plan that can be ready to be executed by the new year.

Dancers will benefit from putting their business cap (pun intended)!, on and think about whether their artistry is receiving its rightful recognition. Are you getting paid what you think you should? Are you getting the roles you’d like? If not, think about making some practical steps that can get you closer to reaching your potential, both materially and artistically. If you’re content with your current dancing situation, the last week of December is a great time to make a plan about how to solidify your current position to create a solid foundation for future growth. The same goes for bodyworkers. One thing Capricorn energy is really good for is being realistic. Sometimes this can be painful for creative, spiritually oriented people, but in the end, it pays dividends!

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A Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse


Simplicity is  Glory

Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini brings an opportunity to acknowledge our most creative ideas, and to move gently into action, one step at a time, toward the completion of a wonderous, inventive journey of the intellect.

Weekly Horoscope for Dancers and Bodyworkers~ November 7th, 2011



This is the time to tune into the body’s mechanics. There is genius in the simplicity and elegance of how muscles and tendons work together to create ease of movement.  Focus on the smaller details. Strengthen the smaller muscle groups that may be weak and underused. Not only does this create balance and stabilization, but also strength and power. Dancers get an edge from being aggressive about precision. This is the time to become a monstrous technician. Virgo is the sign of the technician. Many ballet dancers display powerful  Virgo energy. Suzanne Farrell, Mikael Barishnikov, (who has Mars in Virgo),  and current ABT soloist Misty Copeland, all have strong Virgo signatures in their astrological charts.  When  Mars, the planet of physicality and courage, partners with the perfection of Virgo, the offspring is strong technique, an invaluable tool for a dancer! So, for all you dancers out there, and non- dancers who have a dancer inside them, take a risk! Be courageous. Deliberately go for more than what you think you can do…don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself or falling down…your body will take in just the right information it needs to get your dancing to a whole other level of technical mastery.

Go for it!