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Chynna Phillips Voted Off Dancing With The Stars, A Full Moon Culmination

Aires Full Moon Conjoining Saturn

An Aires Full Moon Moment

Last night’s full moon in Aires culminated with the elimination of Chynna Phillips on Dancing With The Stars. ‘I’m a fighter’, was a final statement after Monday’s faltering performance. ‘I saw the smoke and couldn’t see’…it happens to the best of us at the worst of times. When the pressure is on, the best judgement can easily be clouded. Chynna is an Aquarius, so I think Neptune may have been fooling with her a little on Monday, unfortunately.

Chynna is best known for the hit song  “Hold On For One More Day” from 90’s popular sister trio Wilson Phillips.  Chynna’s Saturn is in Aires, and last night the full moon was giving Saturn a nudge. Although she was clearly disappointed, she took it in stride, most likely because she had to!  It was  magnificent to see…a moment where one must instantly find the courage to stand tall after such a grand defeat.

I think this is what famed spiritual astrologer Isabel Hickey meant when she labeled the Saturn in Aires placement the ‘ test of self centeredness’. With  help from last night’s full moon, Chynna passed the test; her elimination from Dancing With The Stars has given her enough strength to hold on for another life time!