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A True Aries Moment! Chaz Bono’s Breakthrough on Dancing With The Stars~

Aries at its Best!

Chaz Bono’s Horoscope & Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the stars contestant Chaz Bono experienced the moment of a lifetime last night when dancing to the “Rocky” theme song. His north node is at the Aries point in Aries! So, this dance for him was particularly special. The north node being symbolic of our spiritual destiny…a destiny that not only puts us on a hard path but the right path.  Chaz nailed every step. His focus was unstoppable. It definitely was a true Aries moment!

The transiting north node in Sagittarius was also squaring his natal moon in Virgo, suggesting public recognition of grand proportions, and in particular the emotional support from and incredibly powerful and special woman, his mother, Cher. She was in tears as she watched him perform.

This is one of many examples of how dance can so clearly reveal the spirit inside~