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J.R.Martinez and Karina Smirnoff are DWTS Season 13 Winners!



I had mentioned before in an earlier post how Gemini and Capricorn make for an excellent student teacher relationship. It’s simple. Gemini’s natural instinct is to learn while Capricorn is a born leader.  In this way, they play off each other quite well.  Although it is true, as shown in earlier rehearsal clips of DWTS, that Gemini’s need for “playtime”, can greatly frustrate the stern discipline of Capricorn.  Geminis like to play. Capricorns like to work. So,  picture the teacher frustrated with getting the attention of her distracted students, who are usually talking, horsing around, and writing notes to one another…how does one manage that?

 No matter what sign the teacher may have, they will have to foster up some Capricorn in them; they must take charge.  This is Capricorn’s speciality.  I mean this not in an egotistical, forceful way like an Aries might, but a methodical, focused way.  Mars, the planet that naturally rules Aries, has its highest expression via exaltation is Capricorn.  The competitiveness and ambition of Mars loves the stability, momentum and endurance of Capricorn; just think of the goat who assuredly, step by step, eventually makes it to the top of the mountain. But we are humans, not goats…and when we reach the top, I really do think we do have to  find real meaning in it.  I think Karina found enormous meaning with  this  win not only because it took her 10 years to win, but by being allowed to be a part of J.R.’s own personal journey, and to have the chance to make him shine, after everything he has endured throughout his life. Gemini is multi-talented and extraordinarily creative, but not very ‘realistic’, or result oriented. It needs to learn how to pull all their creative resources together to actually create, and Karina brought the best out J.R.’s Gemini qualities.

 Gemini energy is like the typical oversized NYC public classroom. There is so much potential and creative energy buzzing around, but nothing is really happening until something actually becomes of it, whether it be through a group project, passing ‘standardized tests’, or gathering in focused, meaningful discussion and learning. The teacher must get the students engaged on a very practical level to bring the best out of them….and although dancing isn’t normally what I would call ‘practical’, when you have to learn to dance with a partner, not steps on their toes, lift them, twirl them, etc. and stay on rhythm with the music, you must be practical, otherwise the danger factor takes over. Dance educators often say one can learn the technique, but not necessarily the art…J.R. had the artistry, and Karina brought him the technique. I also think J.R.’s open heart softened Karina a bit and relaxed her enough so she could really shine and take a risk with out-doing herself, which after 10 years of competing, she was more than ready for. In this case, ten is the win!

Of course there’s a lot more to Gemini and Capricorn   than this, but it it’s amazing how clearly the essence of the sign’s ‘instinct’ shows its self in performance/competitive scenarios.  Watching DWTS is an excellent way to see astrology  in action!!  Especially transit wise! When I saw J.R. Martinez was going through the infamous Saturn return, I just knew he would win. Last year was Jupiter’s favor with Hines Ward’s Jupiter in Aries return. Hines beat out Kirstie whose chart was overloaded with Capricorn/Saturn influences. So, this year belongs to Saturn with J.R. Martinez’s Saturn return in its favorite sign of Libra, and  Karina’s Sun sign Saturn ruled Capricorn. Karina also had the transiting Sun exactly squaring her Saturn, and transiting Pluto in Capricorn was exactly conjoining her Venus, so I’m sure that helped!!

This is Karina Smirnoff’s first DWTS win; as a Capricorn who has been one of the few with not 1 win in nine years worth of work,   she had her classic Susan Lucci (also a Capricorn, of course), moment. She finally got what she deserved, through  hard, consistent, painstaking work.  Wherever there is Capricorn there is some measure of ‘pain’ involved because of the association with the karmic nature of Saturn. We all have a Saturn. We all are bound to experience some measure of pain in a particular area of our lives. Yet, we are also rewarded when we’ve learned the proper lessons that help us overcome our own suffering. In this way, Saturn’s deception is fascinating. He is the teacher who gives ‘tough love’, because it’s his job to make sure you reach your potential., and you can’t fake it…the progress, like dancing, comes with practice, failure, repetition, and more than anything, dedicated committment, like dance instructor Lydia’s character on the popular 80’s t.v. shoe ‘Fame’ Saturn says: “I wanna see you sweat“. 

This means when a dancer doesn’t get an audition after working their butt off they can’t back out and say ‘dance is not for me’. No. They keep working.  They endure the rejection. Once their ego is humbled and their skills are mastered, Saturn guides his hand of fate, and  finally, they get their chance. Who knows in what form or shape it takes, but it will be significant, long-lasting, and very real, and most of all, it will be rightfully earned.  Saturn never gives anything away…this year’s DWTS fans can be assured this was more than a fair win. It was a dignified victory.