Weekly Horoscope For The Dancer In Everyone~



This is the time to tune into the body’s mechanics. There is genius in the simplicity and elegance of how muscles and tendons work together to create ease of movement.  Focus on the smaller details. Strengthen the smaller muscle groups that may be weak and underused. Not only does this create balance and stabilization, but also strength and power. Dancers get an edge from being aggressive about precision. This is the time to become a monstrous technician. Virgo is the sign of the technician. Many ballet dancers display powerful  Virgo energy. Suzanne Farrell, Mikael Barishnikov, (who has Mars in Virgo),  and current ABT soloist Misty Copeland, all have strong Virgo signatures in their astrological charts.  When  Mars, the planet of physicality and courage, partners with the perfection of Virgo, the offspring is strong technique, an invaluable tool for a dancer! So, for all you dancers out there, and non- dancers who have a dancer inside them, take a risk! Be courageous. Deliberately go for more than what you think you can do…don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself or falling down…your body will take in just the right information it needs to get your dancing to a whole other level of technical mastery.

Go for it!

Weekly Video Horoscope

October 16th through October 23rd

Dancestrology Forecast for the Dancer in us all!

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 Dance is Life!

October 9th through October 16th

Weekly Forecast


The Gift of Sobriety

Saturn gives us a  reality check that tests our inner strength this week. It’s time to conquer our fears, especially regarding relationships, and begin a clean slate.  Graduation time has come in the guise of darkness. There’s a lesson to be learned, and the consciousness we gain from this is the new light that brings higher integrity, justice, and value to our closest partnerships.

October 2nd through October 9th


The Quickness of Our Steps reach Solid Ground. The Body Celebrates the Spirit.

This week the Dancer within us must bow to our reflection, the audience. Our physical fragility is confronted with wisdom and we fly beyond our human capacity.


Aires, 0:00

Lessons in Equality and Romantic Dreams

Leo,  0:55

Impressing VIP’s and Magical Relationships

 Sagittarius, 2:13

Real Friendships and Artistic Talent


Taurus, 0:00

Committing to Health and  Encountering  Destiny

Virgo, 2:29

$$$ Talks and Creative Breakthroughs

Capricorn, 4:44

Fulfillment of Purpose and a Professional Highlight


Gemini, 0:00

 Commit to Children and Stay Young at Heart

Libra, 3:17

Stepping Out in Serious Attire, through the door of Creativity

Aquarius, 5:45

‘Lets talk about sex’, and  Spiritual Ecstasy


Cancer, 0:00

Family Commitment and Financial Support

Scorpio, 2:50

Secret Conversations and Peaceful Dwellings

Pisces, 5:26

Intimate Negotiation and Dreams Unfolding

  1. Wow…i wouldv’e thought you were writing this weeks horoscope exactly for me. Ha ha, very funny. Very very accurate. Great horoscope! Now, we’ll see what comes of the results. More like we’ll see the choices i make to help create my outcome. lol

  2. Oh, and last weeks was close, too. You see how it applies 😉

  3. Aquarian’s I think, have been on the edge of some kind of ‘spiritual revolution’, in the big scheme of things. Look to see how your life’s circumstances may be pushing you to that end…look at the lives of other Aquarian’s you may know…contemplate the similarites…Oprah Winfrey ofcourse comes to mind for for me…her show has finally come to an end and now there is whole other beginning…her dream for herself and what she can become must evolve…i believe that is the same, in some way for all Aquarians…astrologically, I think it has to do with Neptune’s placement in the last degree of Aquarius…this suggest there is an intense ‘tipping point’…because your life is pulled toward progression and you must be pulled with it, or left behind~ so…take advantage of all these opportunities you have now to deepen your connection with who YOU are and what YOU want…as always, no better time than the present:)

  4. It is definitely happening. And I will not be left behind.
    Thank you…

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