New Moon Forecast

October 26th, 2011

A Scorpio New Moon

Dig In

Time to dig in and prepare to release what you’re holding onto the most, whether it’s a relationship, a habit, a belief, or your favorite pair of shoes that are just too old! Be daring. Take a risk. Travel down the valley of darkness in the most vulnerable part of your life. Only you can know what that part it is…investigate this thoroughly.  This special part of your life houses  a mystery that holds the key to your higher power.

September 27th

A Libra New Moon

‘Hurry Brings no Blessings’

The New Moon in Libra is Opposite Uranus in Aires. Relationship needs will be unexpectedly challenged by the urge for rebellion and independence. This is the tango of diplomacy, to be united, or to be one. Pluto, the planet of intensity, power, and spiritual renewal, is in the hot seat because it receives all the pressure. This can get a little gut wrenching for all of us, especially Librans…Find someone you can dance with to let the stress go…and get ready to let go of what makes you feel secure in your most intimate relationship. The stars have something new for you in store…so don’t resist the change! Terpsichore is still in Libra, so indulge in the dance of romance before it moves into brutally unforgiving Scorpio~

August 28th

 A Virgo New Moon

This Virgo New Moon Phase is bound to be extra sweet. This is because the Moon lovingly takes Venus by the hand to waltz to Jupiter’s sensual melody. Virgo is all about purity. Venus enjoys the simplicity of genuine, earthy, nakedness Virgo has to offer.

If you happen to be Virgo or Virgo rising, it’s the perfect time for a clean slate. Make a wish. It will come true. You’ll be extra magnetic so it will be a great time mingle. Definitely play the field if you’re single. 

And, for the rest  of us, good things are on their way~seriously! Virgo has its act together, AND it’s adaptable…a great combination when we need to get things done or need to close that important deal!


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