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Dancing With The Stars Astrological Events for 2011

October 3rd, Daily Horoscope, Venus shines in Libra!

A New Day, Venus in Libra

Venus, the planet of love and romance, is at 23 degrees Libra today. This is the very same degree Ricki Lake’s Venus is in, so her performance tonight on Dancing With The Stars is bound to be extra graceful~

Venus will be in Libra  for a little while longer, so take advantage of your romantic opportunities this week~

The First Weekly for October!

Romeo and the Karete Kid at Odds on Dancing With The Stars!

The Karate Kid is Iconic…Built to last. Romeo missed a rehearsal last week and made a point to mention his latest movie…

Kirstie Alley gets her first 10 on Dancing With The Stars!!!

Tony may get his wish.

Kirstie is in fire with her first 10 on Dancing With The Stars!

she can Dance!

Lift It to Shift It! Kendra’s Dancing With The Stars Journey~


                                          Lift It to Shift It!


Kendra’s sophistication finally shined through in her last performance, even though she wasn’t able to “Lift it to Shift it” as one of the judges explained…I thought this comment was Right On The Mark! In more ways then one. Not only does Kendra have to lift her top to shift her weight so she can move more gracefully through the dance floor, she also has to work on ‘lifting’ her self esteem to ‘shift’ her public image. Although Kendra’s Venus is Taurus is dignified and definitely is the royalty of her astrological chart, it’s not powerful enough to lift her out of the pity funk. That’s what Dancing With The Stars has so clearly revealed.

Kendra has a very tight, powerful conflict going on with self sacrifice, self worth, and confidence. It’s so pressurized that it constantly spills out on her relationships and life circumstances. Perfect for reality TV. Painful for Real Life. There’s something going on with her that needs to be erased and reprogrammed. Dancing With The Stars gave a nice re-boot…’Even Great Dancers Make Mistakes’, (her partner explains), has now hopefully been translated to ‘Even Kendra Makes Mistakes’…Part of the reason Kendra’s confidence is so challenged is because she wants so badly to please, to be beautiful, to be glamorous, to be ‘a star’.

These are all Neptune influences. Since Neptune rules Pisces, the most ethereal, sensitive, ‘magical’ sign, it’s very related to “Star Power”. Kendra happens to have a very challenging relationship going on with what in astrology is called an “opposition”. Her Mars, planet of confidence and ambition, is in the protective sign of Cancer, making an opposition to Neptune, the planet of sacrifice, star power, and fantasy. It’s an overpowering opposition because, geometrically in her chart, the opposition is exact by degree. This is why Kendra constantly may be struggling with her life…she tends to feel like somehow everyone is secretly against her.

I believe in her more than she. now, she’s believing her self”, a comment made by her partner after her last performance, is the EXACTLY what Kendra needs to hear! Since her Mars, planet of confidence, drive, and ambition, is in Cancer, motherhood IS the way she can recover her self-esteem and gain courage, strength, and confidence. The more Kendra can get in touch with the strength of her Cancercian Mars, the safer she can be from the grips of nebulous Neptune that make her feel so powerless. Motherhood is defiantly Kendra’s way to the top, Dancing With The Stars is just a stepping stone~

joey lorraine



Kendra took it all the way~Not the best dancer, but the best mom-that’s Mars in Cancer for ya!



Where for art thou Lil Romeo?

Could Lil Romeo Win Dancing With The Stars?