Weekly Horoscope for Decemeber 2, 2013, New Moon in Sagittarius

Weekly Horoscope for December 2, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius


Faith Begets Generosity of Spirit

New Moonn in Sagittarius

Today the new moon enters the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius.  You can use the this new moon energy in the upcoming two weeks to charge ahead with anything that will bring you closer to your true potential. This new moon will tease your gut into telling you ‘you can do it’.  No matter how grand your vision, it can be made real, but you must adhere to the Sagittarius virtue: FAITH.  Truly believe, and watch this new Moon work its magic for you!


Travel, academia, and philosophy will bring you blessings, if you stay committed.


Take that special step that will allow you to gain deeper trust with someone close to you.


Just be yourself, and your supporters will guide you to your rightful place.


Hit the gym and get your beauty rest to get a head start for an unforgettable New Year.


All you need is love, Leo, so if you’re single, don’t delay and find someone special to share the New Year with.


Tend to your home, and bless everything in it to recharge your emotional batteries.


Make the extra effort to be completely honest in all your verbal and written agreements, and make your holiday cards extra special.


Shift  your money-making plans into fifth gear now if you want to cruise to material abundance for the New Year.


Your wish is the universe’s command!  Make sure you choose a good one, and be willing to cooperate to make your dream a reality.


Choose the one thing you need the grace of God to help you with, and you will be indeed find solace.


Go for the gold with your big vision now, because you will set the tone for your luck in 2014!


Your reputation is on the rise. If you want more, set your goal and commit 100%, and you may be rewarded ten fold in the New Year~

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