Full Moon in Capricorn Still in Action!

Still in Action!

Still in Action!

The Full Moon in Capricorn will be releasing its power until Wednesday.
Capricorn’s energy is reliable and longlasting~



Your professional endeavors hit a high note and peak. Unexpected circumstances may swerve you, but that’s how your life has been for a while now. You’re learning how to handle chaos with cool control. It’s all for your good, in the long run!


Vacations, college deadlines, or a visa or legal situation may be the focus for you now, and this full moon is going to help tie the situation up. There may be a disagreement, or someone may challenge you by creating an obstacle…but it’s temporary. Just keep the faith, and you’ll be protected.


Taxes, loans, and close partnerships, where trust is key, are highlighted for you now. You may be closing a deal of some sort, and it may feel more intense than you thought it would. This is all part of the journey you’ve been on lately, of letting go, and trusting…with people, money, and the deeper meaning of your life. If you’re looking for change, this full moon has the power to leave a permanent mark.


Business partnerships and romantic relationships take the stage with this full moon. Commitment energy is powerful for you now, because Capricorn is the sign opposite Cancer. So, it’s a great time to seal the deal. It’s also a great time to detach, and go your own way. I know, it’s contradictory, but because the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, you have a little extra free will involved! You’ll instinctively know what’s right for you.


Health matters, nutrition, general well being, and work tasks come to ahead with this full moon. Have you been taking care of yourself lately? If you haven’t, you’ll discover the answer in the next several days. There could be a challenge with home or family that prevents you from taking time our for yourself. If your emotional foundation been a rocky lately, try to be a more loving to your family, and you’ll feel more internally balanced.


Creative endeavors of all sorts reach a culmination now, and this includes children and romance as well. Your romantic nature is being felt more intensely these days, so channeling your emotions through art is deeply healing. Maybe it sounds a little over the top, but go for the plunge where heart matters are concerned. What are you passionate about? This full moon surely will shed some light on that!


Family and home become prominent with this full moon. If your business partner or loved one creates unexpected havoc by challenging your personal stance on a family or home issue,be patient. The challenge will dissolve is you continue going in your own direction, and most of all trust your gut.


Contract negotiations, basic courses, transportation, and communication of all kinds (especially with siblings), is the focus for you now, with this full moon hitting the ‘brain’ of your chart. Be gentle in family and home matters when it comes to sudden unforeseen circumstances. Life is unpredictable after all, but home and family can be the rock…especially for you! This is because the full moon is shedding its light on those closest to you, who give you comfort. Cherish any warm ties and be willing to grow closer to those you love.


Money, talents, and personal values are taking over, with this full moon. You need to be taken seriously when it comes to your worth…and you’ve been feeling this quite strongly in various ways for quite a while now (at least a year). There may be someone who challenges your values now. It’s not a test per se, but the outcome surely will reflect the level of your emotional maturity. Don’t be afraid to reach deep inside yourself and be willing to change some things you thought you’d never be able to. The full moon is on your side!


Well, the full moon is in Capricorn. But what does that mean for you, dear Capricorn? Because full moons are about completion, (the moment the Moon comes in direct opposition/reflection with the Sun), something important to you will reach completion, and it’s gonna flow the way do, so it’ll feel natural. Even if it’s a parting, or has some feeling of ‘closure’ , you will understand. Maturity is the full moon’s gift to you, so you get to experience the power of your own maturity now. Do your best to learn from whatever is reaching fruition now, because the lessons are ripe with wisdom, specifically for your life journey.


Private dwellings of all kinds reach the light of day, with this full moon. This could be a hospital stay, a spiritual retreat, or your very own imagination…the secret dreamer in you now shines for others to see. So whatever happens during this full moon period may make you feel a little exposed, but at the same time, it will bring relief. An important talk may unexpectedly pop up like an unwanted x-lover, who wants you back. Whatever the conversation brings up, may leave you confused. Be quiet and still. Listen. Let go of proving anything, and circumstances will naturally flow in your favor~


Community, friends, and anything visionary becomes the highlight for you with this full moon. Becoming part of something bigger than yourself, and feeling the power of being connected to others by a special cause you feel genuinely connected to-this is what this full moon is all about for you now. Sharing and celebrating with others. Technology may be a key component, or it could be just the simple vision of what the future holds, and how exciting it is!

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  1. valerie alexander

    Wow, I love your take on Aquarius! The last two sentences are so wise, and really having me say, “Oh yeah, that’s what I need to do for a change.”

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