Happy Valentine’s Day!

220px-Katherine_Dunham A Valentine’s Message

There is actually an asteroid called Valentine. It happens to be in the last degree of Pisces. Anthropologist and dancer Katherine Dunham happened to have Valentine in this same degree in her natal horoscope. Pisces can be pretty selfless when it comes to love, especially when it’s at the very last degree. It’s like the last drop of rain falling into eternity…pure,open, and cleansing.

Lets also remember Pisces is the ‘dancing’ sign of the zodiac. It’s clear dance is where Katherine Dunham’s heart was. Today, we can experience a little taste of the dancing spirit in our hearts! A violin concerto, Chopin, some African Drums, or even just the simple joy of hearing ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! Let it make your spirit dance just a little…just for a day!

Today, you may feel in your heart what it’s like to be a dancer!

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