New Moon in Capricorn Reading for all Signs of the Zodiac~

Capricorn New Moon

 Step into the Light!

Make That First Step!

Make That First Step!

Now that the New Moon is in Capricorn, it’s a beautiful time to begin new projects with a sense

of  unwavering commitment.


Your destiny is in your hands. Show the big shots you mean business!


Commit to your faith. It can pull you through and open up a whole new world of optimism for 2013!


Take control of financial partnerships. Get your financial goals clear.


Be open to partnership, especially in business. Look out for supporters because they can pave the way for your professional  journey!


Commit to getting in shape and improving your health! You’ll be extra vitalized!


It’s a delicious time for romantic commitment, if that’s on the menu~


Commit to your home and family. They need your attention and care!


It’s a great time for completing short term-writing projects- don’t delay the pen to paper!


Time to get serious about making more money! It’s waiting for you!


Make a wish! As long as it’s genuine, it’s bound to come true!


Commit to taking some peaceful time out just for yourself.  You deserve it. Being alone grounds you now.


Important people can guide you in the right direction, but you have to be out and about!

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