Weekly Written Horoscope for January 22nd

New Moon Enters Aquarius and Mars goes Retrograde in Virgo

Wizard of Oz  & Albert Einstein Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Embrace new inspiration in your friendships, community, and dreams.  Your future is lit with exciting possibilities on Monday with the New Moon entering Aquarius. Mars, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on Monday as well. Work projects need to reviewed and re-evaluated. You may feel stifled in the office or your work environment. If this happens, focus instead on the details, there may be some important pieces of the puzzle missing that have to be found.


Your career gets a boost of inspiration with the New Moon entering Aquarius on Monday. Friendships and social gatherings bring enthusiasm and hope to your professional destiny. Creative projects may need extra attention as Mars goes retrograde in detailed Virgo. Something about your creative expression may need to be rethought/re- strategized. Once this process is finalized, your confidence soars as you can be sure that your creative expression is pure expression of the real you.

Long distance travel, legal issues, and higher education become infused with new hope once the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday. Taking on any new learning adventures adds magic and excitement to your life. Family and home issues gather attention as Mars goes retrograde, on Monday as well. Renovation projects may be revisited. Anger issues may surface with parents or other family members. Be committed to the process. Be true to yourself. This frees you to gather more energy toward what you really want.


Finances, sex, and power are ignited with a fresh spark once the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday. It’s a great time to join forces with someone to become more powerful,  especially financial advisors and psychotherapists.   Since the Moon rules your sign, you’ll be particularly sensitive to the New Moon energy. It’s hitting the power sector of your chart. Power often has to do with sharing resources and joining forces with someone else, or another entity. Sharing is a key word. In order to share, we must genuinely be secure…and we must also trust…this can be big deal for Cancerians, but you can do it.  So, don’t be shy in seeking out intimate partnerships of all sorts and putting your trust on the line. The people and circumstances you attract will undoubtedly lead you to exciting  and  inspiring change.  Mars goes retrograde in Virgo on Monday as well. You may need to renegotiate previous contracts and/or verbal agreements. Make sure to get a good look over the details. Also, pay special attention in making sure paperwork is processed throughly and correctly. If you’ve been holding back any anger around a particular circumstance or person, Mar’s energy can assist you in getting your resentment out in the open. This promises  fresh vitality.


Relationships expand and become fired up with excitement as the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday. On the same day the planet of action and physical vitality, Mars, goes retrograde. This means you’re bound to review your financial goals. How have you been spending your money? If you’ve been contemplating about investment strategies or budgeting tactics, now is the time you’re likely to take action. You’ll be keen on the all the numbers, ensuring you get the results you’re looking for. This enables you to move forward with financial confidence when Mars moves forward, come mid April.


New work projects inspire change and growth with the New Moon entering Aquarius on Monday. It’s time to spice up your work life with the unusual. This brings out your individuality as you push forward into the unknown. Mars in Virgo goes retrograde on Monday as well. This is a big event for you! It’s time to back track your primary goals. Have you been putting your energy in the right direction? Is your life headed where it really needs to be headed?  Virgo’s impulse is to serve with purity.  You can’t make progress unless the focus is there.  Watch your health and make sure you get ample rest.  Physically, you may not be at your strongest…consider it a time to ‘recharge your batteries’. Retrograde Mars in Virgo motivates you to ‘get your life in order’, no other sign can do that better than you!


Romance, children, and creativity sparkle with excitement and lead you to new possibilities as the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday.  This new moon energy brings out the fun loving child in you. Any new creative projects will have the power of the New Moon behind them.  Experimenting with your creative expression and delving into alternative techniques  bring exciting changes to your life. Meanwhile, also on Monday, Mars goes retrograde in Virgo. This is a doozy because it compels  you to review your relationships with a fine toothed comb. Relationships are what bring out the power in Libra. Just be careful to watch any hidden resentment. Mars can get angry quickly. Have a little healthy reserve, yet be bold in stating the facts when it comes resolving conflicts.


Your private life is renewed with exciting change as the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday.  Perhaps you’ve been wanting to change something about your home or apartment? Aquarius is a good sign for taking risks…so paint your wall a different color… add a twist to your living room and give it a different feel.  Family will inspire you at this time as well. Be open to letting your parents unexpectedly open up new doors that reveal a different side of them. This may unblock you in certain ways emotionally, and can be just the kind of medicine you need! Mars, you co-ruler, goes retrograde in precision driven Virgo, on Monday as well. You’re motivated around reviewing your future plans. Do you really want what you thought you wanted and have been going after? If you have commitments to large, established corporations or organizations,  ie. schools, banks,  clubs, etc. you’ll be putting energy into getting to ‘the bottom’ of issues, by picking through the details. This brings a new perspective to how you fit into the whole, and helps you move on with more clarity and direction.


The New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday. This brings new opportunities for contracts and agreements that could move your life in a different direction. It’s a good time to experiment with your communication style as well, to say things you normally wouldn’t because you wouldn’t want people to think you were ‘weird’.  Mars goes retrograde in Virgo on the same day. This means you’ll be motivated to review the direction of your professional  goals.  What have you been up to lately in your career? Are you happy with the progress you’ve been making? Sagittarius has to be happy…it’s in their astrological DNA!  Use the power of Mars to  bulldoze  through any professional complications with the  dexterity of your will. It’s time to clean house in your professional life. Purify. What may be challenging is the process of going through all the details of your professional labryinth..but nobody’s going to do it but you, and when you’re done, you’ll be smiling for a long time!


Any new financial endeavors now have the power of the Aquarius New Moon behind them. It’s a good time to experiment with how you can increase your bank account and earn some extra cash. Hone in on skills you may not normally think of as useful, because these skills could lead to some interesting cash flowing opportunities!  This New Moon is encouraging you to uncover your hidden talents and make money from them. Mars in Virgo recently went retrograde, compelling you to backtrack marketing endeavors, educational goals, legal issues,  and your approach to religion and faith…that’s a lot! The energy could manifest is several ways…the main gist of  it is you’ll be reviewing your process of expansion…of growing and breaking through set-backs. Details  and facts will be important as you go through this phase of review. You need to get through every side of the situation before you’ll be able to break through with success.


You are the sign of the week! The New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday.  This  pushes you through the door of exciting opportunities and change that bring  you closer to your dreams.  It’s  time to rediscover your self and  unveil the new and improved you.  Life has been a little nebulous for you lately, Aquarius…are you coming or going, or just ‘staying’ to enjoy the ride? No matter what phase of uncertainty or stagnation you’ve  been experiencing, you’re destined to come out. You’ve probably been feeling this on and off for a while now…a tug toward a new reality that could change your life as you know it. Receive this New Moon with open conscioussness…be wide awake for an unexpected change of direction. Mars goes retrograde in Virgo on Monday as well. Your intimate relations involving, sex. money, and power need to be aggressively analyzed and reviewed. Dig to the bottom of the issue, because that’s where your power is.


Your spirituality is awakened with a fresh inspiration as the New Moon enters Aquarius on Monday. There are many ways to connect to the ‘divine’.   You of all the signs,  cherish and need that connection the most. This New Moon brings  new ways of experiencing your hidden self, bringing you to a deeper understanding of how you fit into the big picture. You may get some exciting flashes of insight about private, hidden issues you rarely share or talk about. It’s a great time to seek out a counselor if you’ve been wanting to change but have been problems changing on your own. This may free you and open you up in ways you couldn’t before. Mars, the planet of physicality and ambition, goes retrograde in Virgo, on Monday as well.  It’s a great time to address any past resentment or anger around your partnerships. You’ll want to ‘get the story straight’.  Stick with the process. Once all the facts are revealed, you can be  free of any unhealthy motivations.


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