A Capricorn Sun Squares Saturn in Libra~ On the Edge of Compromise

Capricorn Gusto Meets the Pristine Power of Libra

On the Edge of Compromise

I wasn’t really sure of what to expect for this Capricorn Libra face off…now that the day is almost done, I can see the lessons.  I had finally received a call from someone rather important about a potential future partnership. The news was mainly good, yet there was a thorn that stuck pretty deeply to my integrity, my ‘self’.  Then I had to tell myself…’be humble’! I think Saturn in Libra  can teach us a lot about the power of discretion. With discretion there is room for humility and power; they are not mutually exclusive. As of now, I am about 50% comfortable with the proposition…it’s up to me to create more of a balance…this is where creative solutions come in. My head has been brimming with various business tactics, etc. I have come up with ideas I never came up with before, and I’m actually excited!

Capricorn does have a ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’  stride about it. I think today’s square reflects the potential of our relationships, particularly in business. How can we make them more productive for both parties? How can we achieve more and create more integrity within the partnership? This is a journey. One must have the courage to stand up for their long term vision, yet be pliable enough to compromise for the sake of mutual success and growth. Partnership is fundamental to expansion on many levels. When we truly put our fears of rejection behind us while being open enough to compromise…we can make magnificent gains. I think this takes practice…one must have a certain level of wisdom to strike the right balance.

Today, for me,  has definitely opened the door to that journey of wisdom.


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