Weekly Written Horoscope for Week of January 15th


Pisces Sets the Stage for a Capricorn Show Down 

Opportunities for Love & Lessons in Justice

Nijinsky, A Serious Pisces


On Sunday a  romantic dream opens up an opportunity for financial security & expansion. Venus is wandering through the most hidden part of your chart now, so if you’ve been feeling a little high on romance without realizing it, this may be why. You’re likely to lavish your sweetheart with pleasurable gifts. It’s a time of celebration and sensual comfort with friends and loved ones. You also may receive blessings from a secret admirer…Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, will be in your finance sector for a while now. Take advantage of the optimism you’re experiencing about your financial life…this gives you the security you need to get to that next rung of the money ladder! On Thursday, the Sun has a feisty tango with Saturn. This can be a tough one. Something is approaching the end…the edge. There’s a bit of a razor-sharp feeling to it…and a lot can be learned and gained from your willingness and courage to feel it full force. You’re likely to experience this in your professional life, particularly in relation to authority , whether it be government, banks, investors, or your boss. Allow yourself to sink deep into the issues at hand without loosing hope…although you may fear the outcome, in reality there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain~


On Sunday, your friends and social connections fire up your life with opportunity and optimism! It’s a time of joyful social connection and appreciation of all that you have, both materially and spiritually. This is a time to share your material blessings with friends and your community at large…a great day for a fun loving get together!  Life is going your way now that Jupiter, the good luck planet, is in your sign. Security, comfort, pleasure…it’s all so accessible! Be sure to share your optimism and uplift those who need it. You’re in a strong position and have what it takes to be a formidable friend. On Thursday, you may feel a bit held back by a lofty goal you’ve been wanting to achieve, and it may have an impact on your health and work environment. Keep striving to be better and keep believing amidst any set backs or disappointments. There’s always bumps in the road, but it doesn’t change the destination, or the rewards you’ll receive upon your arrival!


You’re magnetic now when it comes to doing what you do best in your chosen profession, and if you’re in the midst of discovering that, even better! This is because the power of Venus is shining at the very top of your chart, making you irresistibly popular and giving your life’s purpose extra special meaning. Your destiny is in the spotlight…it’s imaginative and  glowing. Enjoy being in the spotlight. Take it all in and more will come to lead you to the right connections meant just for you. On Thursday, a money issue or intimacy issue may cause some tension and teach you an important lesson about romance. Your creative spirit may be challenged in some way, all for the better…sometimes we need resistance to do the work that’s needed to get to our true light…our true selves, aside from what others want and expect of us. This is an opportunity to find that inner light. You may have to fight for it, but it’s well worth it!


On Sunday, exploring new ways of seeing the world brings opportunity to expand your social circle. It would be a good day to go to church if you usually don’t, or to explore a different faith or culture. Venus’s entrance into Pisces attracts you to philosophy, religion, and travel…this makes it easier to come out of your self protective shell and expand your life’s possibilities. On Thursday, the Sun in Capricorn has a dramatic tango with Saturn, the ‘Karmic Lord’ of astrology. Capricorn triggers your relationships  because it’s your opposite sign. This tells me serious relationship lessons are likely around this time. Saturn’s placement in relationship oriented Libra emphasizes the relationship focus even more. Fortunately, Libra is Saturn’s favorite sign. Libra is the sign of justice, Saturn’s favorite virtue. So, whatever happens around this time is destined to be fair, and most likely will mature you way beyond your years, no matter how old you are! If you have been feeling intensity around your personal relationships, whether they be business, romantic, or family oriented, it’s because it’s time to transform the way you relate to others on a very deep level. This is coming from Pluto’s current placement in Capricorn. This suggests Thursday’s Sun/Saturn tango can teach you a lesson about managing Pluto’s intensity and making those inner changes that are long overdue. Authority and power are  major themes likely to be played out. Being humble and willing to learn gets you in touch with new, deeper sources of lasting power.


Your professional life has been lit up with opportunity with Jupiter’s recent entry into Taurus. On Sunday, an intimate partnership opens up an opportunity to expand your career. This is great news! It could involve someone else’s money or resources that brings you assistance, stabilizing your professional direction somehow. You’re likely to attract powerful people now that Venus is in the power sector of your chart. Pisces’s influence adds a mystical, compassionate, artistic edge to it. If you’re artist, it’s a beautiful influence to receive just the right support you need to further your creative endeavors, professionally, not just as a hobby…so somehow money is sure to be involved, in a good way! On Thursday, The Sun tangos with Saturn. This is a dynamic duo spectacle to say the least! It triggers your work life and negotiations/contracts.  It looks like you need to make an important decision about your work or possibly your health…the information you gather is extra important as you contemplate what to do. No matter what you decide or do, good things are revealed and you’ll have a significant opportunity to mature in an important way.


Romance, harmony, and beauty light up the relationship sector of your chart now that Venus has entered magical Pisces.  Your relationships now have a special glow and spiritual force. The week begins with an opportunity for a relationship to expand your world view…someone may inspire you to learn something entirely new, or to go beyond your perceived limits, especially culturally.  Any opportunities for foreign travel, for business or pleasure, are well starred.  On Thursday, Saturn is challenged by the power of the Capricorn Sun. Saturn rules Capricorn…so this could be quite a meaningful interaction…a grounded dance with a heavy, steady rhythm….a march  of justice. Your creative spirit and self worth are the areas where the all the action is on this one. Maturity blossoms as your values are challenged by  your creative needs. It’s a bit of a dilemma…to do or to be? The pressure of doing builds as it approaches your right to just be, rocking the foundation of your self, or at least of who you think you are. Let your creativity teach you something new about the  responsibility to yourself, as a person of intrinsic value, regardless of your finances and possessions. Your unique spiritual light holds the key to lasting security.


Your health and work habits glitter with harmony now that Venus is in Pisces. Compassion and spirituality fill the air in the rituals of your everyday life. Walking the dog, working out, and daily work tasks bring harmony and exude love, in the most beautiful of ways.  Simple things shine! On Sunday, a daily ritual of some sort could bring an opportunity for an intimate encounter that brims with good luck, particularly with money. If not money, it could be something more psychological in nature, a valuable ‘a ha’ moment could surface, redirecting your focus to your spiritual power and truth. On Thursday, The Sun tangos with the planet that loves your sign the most, Saturn, the ‘justice’ king of astrology. Saturn prides himself in being  objective and fair, Libra’s specialty! A personal matter, very likely home/family related, puts pressure on you to make a decision of some sort so your life can move forward. The pull to make a decision may feel weighted…there’s been intensity around your private life with Pluto traveling through Capricorn. Deep emotional  change is in store for you and impacts your perspective on family and home. On Thursday, the Sun’s power triggers an opportunity to learn about what you need to truly feel emotionally secure in the midst of intense and lasting change.


Venus is now in fellow water sign Pisces, activating your creative inner child! Sunday brings an opportunity to expand your relationships through just being your self. Creative activities bring good luck in your closest ties with loved ones. Your imagination is touched with a natural inspiration that brings out the best in you. Others notice this and benefit from it as well. You’re magnetic because you experience your own magic easily and freely.  This is liberating! On Sunday, a negotiation/contract or issue with a sibling,  may challenge  the structure of your inner, secret life. In other words, a sibling or contract may get under your skin and trigger some unfinished psychological issues.  It’s time to grow and mature with the inner you, an aspect that your sign in particular takes quite seriously. It’s a good day to ‘watch your words’. Pay attention to not only what you say but how you say it and why you’re saying it. This leads to greater understanding  of your deepest, darkest inner mysteries that can set you free from any self sabotaging habits.


Venus is now in the most hidden part of your chart. So, if you’ve been in the dark about love, no need to worry! It’s a good time for solitude. Reflect on your romantic life…go within and you’re sure to get valuable answers. There’s bound to be a wealth of treasures in the depth of your spirit that can lead you closer to love. The deeper you delve, the greater the rewards….On Sunday, there’s an opportunity for a spiritual ‘a ha’ moment to inspire you to expand your every day life. Perhaps you’ll get special inspiration around a work project, or fitness endeavor. You’ll feel refreshed as you take on the day with a pure sense of harmony, believing life can be really good! On Thursday, the Sun has an intense tango with Saturn, the ‘lord of karma’.  Your money situation forces you to confront your future. Your friends may play a part in the process, helping you realize what’s most important when it comes to your dearest hopes and wishes, and how your finances play a part in helping you get to your desired destination.


Relationships with siblings, in-laws, and cousins are extra harmonious now that Venus is in Pisces.  Contract negotiations are well starred and all communications sparkle with compassion and sensitivity. On Sunday, a particular message may bring an opportunity to expand a creative project, if it involves children, even better! This is a day well starred for romantic propositions as well. Sweet talk frees you the rumblings of your life and gives you a breath of fresh air. Life has been intense with Pluto, the planet of irreversible change, in your sign. Pluto is challenging you to rise to new levels of personal power, and although it’s exciting, it can be tiresome. Stick with it…and ackowledge every moment of joy and peace with special  appreciation. On Thursday, a lesson can be learned about how to proceed with your life direction. This could be a crash course, but you’re ready for it. Keep your eyes on the prize while pushing forward to get the answers you’re seeking, particularly about a professional endeavor. It’s time to let your profession reflect more deeply what you’re really made of…


Your financial picture opens the door to greater stability in your home and family life for the beginning of the week. Venus is now in its favorite sign, Pisces, and is happily shaking hands with expansive Jupiter to help you solidify the roots of your life, especially materially. When human beings are content emotionally, they are also more likely to be content materially…what I’m stressing here is the focus from inward to outward. Of all the signs, yours is the most prone to being ‘out there’, making you a stranger to your own self, especially your private self. So, make sure to look at your financial endeavors from this perspective. Venus is dancing around your money sector like a magical fairy…it’s wonderful if you’ve really been needing extra cash… but don’t let it stop there…look to see how this money can help ground you, not only materially, but emotionally. On Thursday, the Sun has an intense tango with Saturn. This is a dance of karma, lessons, and maturity. The light of the Sun becomes sobered by justice. For you, this means the deeper mysteries of yourself come out to challenge your karmic lessons, particularly in regards to foreign travel, religion, and higher learning…expansion of what’s possible for you.  Be ready for some hidden self sabotaging habits to air themselves out while you learn about what you’re truly entitled to when it comes to having a bigger and better life.


You’re extra magnetic now that Venus is in your sign. Venus’s highest expression comes from Pisces like qualities, ie. compassion,  sensitivity, and the ability to connect with ‘the unity of the universe’.  For Pisces, this concept it very real, not New Age mumbo jumbo. Pisces actually experiences the one within the all experience more directly than any of the other signs, and for this reason, living here on Earth  can be quite hard for them! They have more of an adjustment to make, and it’s constant. On Sunday, a door opens for optimistic communication and agreements, especially around any contracts. If you’re a free lancer whose been looking to expand your client base, you may receive a timely message! Relationships and conversations with siblings and neighbors are also well starred. On Thursday, a special long term goal or community project challenges the values of an intimate partnership, and money may be the culprit, most likely money that is not yours. If this  challenges your sense of power, take a deeper look into the situation and see what you may be holding onto out of fear. Trust is the key word here…the goal is to deepen it. Be keen on any lessons that pop up around trust issues and you’re bound to be headed in the right direction.

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