Weekly Written Horoscope for All Signs, Week of January 8th


Mercury Enters Capricorn  & Venus Enters Pisces~

Getting Down to Business & Rising up to Love


The week begins with Mercury, the planet of communication and short distance travel, touching the professional sector of your solar chart. Of all the signs, you’ll feel the pull of Capricorn’s serious, committed nature the most.  It’s time to solidify plans and put them in action so you can see real, tangible results.  You’re not in the mood for speculating. Unless an idea can be followed up and materialized, let it pass. Take your time to  mentally process your professional aspirations and think long term. There’s a full moon in Cancer on Monday that brings an important personal matter to an end. Although it could be a bit stressful, keep you mental course. On Saturday Venus enters Pisces and you’ll be feeling more dreamy than usual. Taking  alone time for yourself offers you the blessing of refreshment and aliveness to keep on track, especially with professional matters.


This week begins with Mercury entering Capricorn. If you’re a student, this energy will make you extra diligent in your school work.  You’ll feel more serious about getting to the next level and expanding your horizons beyond ‘the norm’.  It’s easy for you to get comfortable. Sometimes you can get a little too comfortable! This Capricorn  energy will fire you up and compel you to get cracking on the bigger and better things in life…maybe you’ll start thinking more seriously about that dream vacation, or finally decide complete that college admission application…whatever it is…be inspired by what’s ahead for the year. This puts you in action and gives you the gusto to commit, something you’re very good at! On Monday there’s a full moon in Cancer.  A short trip, issue with a sibling, contract, or important communication endeavor comes to fruition…the wrap up may be a bit uncomfortable and rocky, but it will complete its self! Venus enters Pisces on Saturday. Expect to enjoy loving time your friends in the next month or so. You’ll be feeling quite social. Take advantage of sparkling amongst the crowd!


Your ruler, Mercury, enters hard-working Capricorn on Sunday the 8th…time to get serious! I know your nature is naturally lighthearted and playful, but now is the time to buckle down and get your finances and intimate partnerships on the right track.  Be committed to seeing results in these areas that provide longterm stability. Think ‘structure’. Form is more important than content right now. You can always come up with a great idea. Now you need to come up with a strategy.  Take your time in processing all the facts to come up with a solid plan that can be brought to fulfillment, step by step, guaranteeing success. If you have debt, if you haven’t already, make sure you put a time line on when you expect to get out, and how you’re going to do it.  On Monday the full moon enters Cancer in the financial sector of your chart. A money matter comes to a closing…it may offer a lesson that may be a bit hard to swallow…but in the long run only good can come out of it. On SaturdayVenus enters compassionate Pisces.  This energy falls into the destiny & professional sector of your chart. You’ll  be motivated to enhance the artistry in your chosen profession and will surely sparkle in your special, god given talents.


The moon enters your sign on Monday. Emotional intensity is expected. Ride the wave and hold on with your senses!  Something central to your life’s direction is coming to a culmination and may have a bit of ‘this is it’ feeling to it. Naturally, you resist goodbyes as your nature is to attach yourself for security, especially emotional security. Just know that whatever is reaching a phase of culmination is making you more mature and giving you the necessary strength to tackle future obstacles. You’re meant to reach a whole new level of achievement and wisdom this year. Consider this day a preview:) You want to  be objective so you can make adjustments if you need to for similar circumstances that are sure to come up in the near future. Mercury, the planet of communication enters your partnership sector for the beginning of the week. You may be seriously thinking about committing to a romantic relationship or business partnership. You’re looking for tangible results in your relationships, and will find them as long as your clear about what you’re looking for…be goal oriented…even in romance, as it will offer  you a security that brings out the best in you.


When Mercury enters Capricorn at the beginning of the week, you’ll be on mission to get some serious work done! Your mental approach becomes industrious in your every day affairs and life becomes more structured. Try not to get too militant.  Rather, use your mental momentum to tie up things that you’ve been putting off for way too long.  You may be thinking a lot about health and fitness and finally feel ready to commit to a  long term plan. On Monday, the Moon is full in Cancer in the spiritual sector of your chart. Any psychological issues you’ve been struggling with as of late may come to the surface on this day, and may get you a little off-balance. Look for a lesson to be learned, particularly regarding any self sabotaging patterns, and you’ll be rewarded with a rare opportunity for a year’s worth of wisdom within one day! On Saturday, the planet of love and harmony, Venus, enters compassionate Pisces. For you dear Leo, it’s a beautiful time to explore your sexuality in a loving, spiritual way. Sex and love can now be the same. Your intimate relationships  are luscious and dreamy. Just make sure you don’t get taken completely away!


Mercury, your sign’s ruler, enters Capricorn for the beginning of the week. This means you’ll start the week out with an industrious mental zeal! Time to move forward and get on with your life…especially in regards to any personal pursuits that reflect your life’s direction for the upcoming year. Mercury is much stronger in Capricorn, energizing your life with purpose and powerful sense of destiny.   You’ll be naturally inclined to think long term, to make restrictions, and commit. You’ll feel refreshed and transformed if you can let Mercury’s power guide you to a sound structure for your most cherished personal endeavors. The full  moon in Cancer touches the area of your chart that rules you dearest hopes and wishes. Something quite special may come to a culmination now, and although the process may be a bit emotionally tough to handle, it’ll be worth it. On Saturday, Venus enters its favorite sign, Pisces. This energy floods your relationships and partnerships.  Love, acceptance and comfort easily come to the surface in your one on one relations.


The week begins with Mercury, the planet of communication and short distance travel, entering Capricorn in the emotional, home oriented sector of your chart. You’ll now have serious thoughts around family and home matters. Communication with your parents is now enhanced with maturity and wisdom, so it’s a good time to clear up any long time misunderstandings and get on the same page. You have a real opportunity to gain some well due respect with you family now, so make sure not to be shy and be willing to take the first step when it comes to family, especially your parents.  On Monday, the moon is full in Cancer  in the professional sector of your chart. This full moon is intense because of its challenging aspect to Saturn, the task master of astrology.  There may be a hard reality you have to face in regards to your professional life, and it may trigger some deep emotions. Stay committed to your goals and take in any lessons on this day with grace and humility. On Saturday, Venus enters its favorite sign, Pisces.  You’ll be feeling extra compassionate in your work place with your co-workers. If you have your eye on someone you work with, now may be the time where a beautiful romantic connection can be made!


Mercury enters hardworking, ambitious Capricorn for the beginning of the week on Sunday. Any contracts and negotiations now are well starred to be signed and completed. Your mind may be distracted around errands, paper work, and miscellaneous ‘details’. This could wear you out if you’re not careful. Be stead fast and take things one step at a time. If you’re learning anything new or teaching,  thoroughness and structure is very important. On Monday, the full moon enters Cancer. A long distance journey, either in body mind or spirit, comes to completion. Although the landing of the conclusion may be a bit rocky, you’ll pull through just fine and learn a lot about what’s possible for you. On Saturday, Venus enters magical Pisces. This spells romance. Your creativity will also be on high now and bring out your brightest light. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is also now in your relationships sector, so Venus’s move into Pisces will be the icing on the cake when it comes to love! Just make sure you don’t get too carried away in dream land and keep your feet on the ground. You tend to attract  deep and powerful  relationships…as long as you make an effort to maintain an inner equilibrium you’ll be fine. Take advantage of exploring your creative spirit for the next month or so and you’ll be greatly rewarded with deep personal satisfaction.


Mercury leaves your sign and enters Capricorn for the beginning of the week on Sunday. Your mind will be on finances as well as making the most out of special talents that can make you money. It’s a good time to come up with a long tem budget, espeically if you own your own business or are a freelancer.  You’ll have more mental gusto to follow through with your plans and see solid results.  On Monday, the moon is full in Cancer in a very intimate sector of your chart. There may be intimate matter  that comes to an important completion and offers you much wisdom. Feelings may be more intense than usual, and there may be some resistance on your part. Just know that although it may not feel like it, all is ultimately for the best, to help you grow and move forward, especially in your most intimate relationships. On Saturday, Venus enter Pisces.  Love is found right at home, and your family offers much comfort. They may even assist you financially if you need it. In any case, blessings easily flow to you from your family. For the next month or so, making your home life beautiful and comfortable will be very well starred.


Mercury, the planet of communication, is now in your sign. This means you’ll be mentally adept, not that you aren’t already, quite on the contrary! Mercury will give you that edge of quickness and sharpness in you decision-making. You’ll be extra precise when it comes to planning of all sorts. Your opinions can now have a lasting impact on authority figures. Any government or corperate paper work is processed correctly and smoothly. Although it may take a long time to be completed, the  results are beneficial because they are solid and long-lasting.  The full moon in Cancer on Monday may bring a certain partnership in the spotlight. Perhaps there is something about this person you didn’t see before…take a good look and the answers you’ve been seeking will easily surface. On Saturday Venus enters compassionate Pisces, in the realm of your immediate environment. You’ll enjoy your neighborhood and short distance trips. Going on errands will actually feel pleasant because you’ll be discovering so many magical things on the way! You also may be drawn to love poems and romantic stories. Creative writing is very well starred. Let your imagination and your pen run free!


Mercury, your most favorable planetary suitor, is now in Capricorn and touches the most mysterious, hidden part of your solar chart. Spiritual thinking is a phrase that comes to mind…uncovering unconscious thought patterns…making real attempts to get beneath the surface of your ever elusive mind. The interesting thing is that amidst all of the uncertainty going on in your life, this process sobers you.  You may now be more sensitive to the weight of your decisions. You want to make sure you’re doing the right thing because the consequences seem so brutally unforgiving, but of course, even though they seem unforgiving, in reality, they are not. Remember this! On Monday the full moon enters Cancer in the realm of your everyday affairs. You may be a little bit emotionally overwhelmed with day’s activities. Slow down a bit and give yourself a chance to feel things and breathe. On Saturday Venus enters Pisces and will impact your self-esteem and earned income. You may experience extra dreamy ways of using your special talents to earn money. Letting  your artistic spirit free magnetizes you to greater abundance and comfort while making you feel wonderful about yourself!


Mercury has recently shifted from fly away Sagittarius into regimented Capricorn.  You now become  serious about laying out your future. You may begin to take your dreams more seriously by adapting a more methodical approach. It’s a good time to sit down and think about building a structure for what could potentially be a much bigger and better way of living. Friendships stabilize now and deepen with integrity.  Your conversations with friends may be more somber than usual, but this is just a phase, and the topics you’re likely to discuss will bring about much growth and deepen the bonds of your friendship. Monday’s full moon in Cancer touches your creative spirit. If you have children, it’s likely the full moon will bring some  sort completion with them…the moon’s tense aspect with Saturn shows an important lesson is there to be learned, on both ends. We can learn just as much from children as we can from adults, sometimes more! This week allows great opportunity for lessons from a younger generation. On Saturday, Venus enters its favorite sign…yours! Venus receives its highest expression via exaltation, in Pisces. Acceptance and compassion are what bring the power of love to its fullest. So, while Venus is in Pisces, you’ll be rewarded for your natural instinct to show compassion, to join others in their emotional plights of all colors…this is the beauty of life…and this makes people gravitate to you, so they can be part of your beauty~

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