Dancers and Bodyworkers Weekly Horoscope, December 18th


    ‘Artists are going to be the metronome of this society’.    Yoko Ono

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Movement is the Essence of Life


                                                      Unleashing the ‘Artiste’ & Confronting Reality

Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday. Dancers will enjoy a new freedom to explore new dimensions of their artistry and take a risk with creative experimentation. Bodyworkers may notice clients talking more and becoming more sociable. Join them in their need to share. They may invite you to holiday social gathering. By all means go! You’re likely to meet  interesting and exciting people who can benefit your cash flow!

The new moon enters Capricorn on Christmas Eve. New moons are always about beginnings. This new Capricorn energy is great for creating a new business plan to bring in more profits and stability. Capricorn is an opportunist because it wants to make sure its hard work pays off with recognition, status, and results, whether they be financial or relationship based. The first five days after the new moon are the most potent.  Make sure to use those last of December to create a well thought out plan that can be ready to be executed by the new year.

Dancers will benefit from putting their business cap (pun intended)!, on and think about whether their artistry is receiving its rightful recognition. Are you getting paid what you think you should? Are you getting the roles you’d like? If not, think about making some practical steps that can get you closer to reaching your potential, both materially and artistically. If you’re content with your current dancing situation, the last week of December is a great time to make a plan about how to solidify your current position to create a solid foundation for future growth. The same goes for bodyworkers. One thing Capricorn energy is really good for is being realistic. Sometimes this can be painful for creative, spiritually oriented people, but in the end, it pays dividends!

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  1. Hi, nice blog and videos. I do have to comment on your video advice to bodyworkers that if their client invites them out to a social gathering, they should go because it will be an opportunity for the bodyworker to meet new people.

    Er, uh, that would not only violate the spiritual foundation for practicing in a healing profession, but it would also lose a bodyworker his or her license. And for good reason.

    The relationship between a bodyworker and client is not the same as a dancer and an audience. Because of the power dynamic inherent in the bodyworker/client relationships, a bodyworker is specifically, legally barred from social relationships with clients, as well as from taking advantage of the relationship to benefit themselves. Issues of vulnerability for the client abound and that is why crossing the professional/social boundary is a no no.

    Bodyworkers also need to be mature and adult enough not to rely on clients for their social/business contacts. Otherwise, it is far too easy to troll the client population for friendships, dates, etc., that do not belong in the professional treatment room. Clean is how that relationship needs to be kept and it is the responsibility of the bodyworker to ensure that. It is a relationship of service on the part of the professional for the client, not a mutual friendship.

    • Hi! Your comment is appreciated and well taken. I believe the client bodyworker relationship needs to be honored and respected, just as any other relationship. Each client is unique in their wants and needs and I think it’s important to realize there is wisdom involved in creating healthy boundaries. I believe this is an incredibly individual process based on several factors, particularly the nature/chemistry of the relationship.

      My beliefs/opinions stem from my own experience as well as the experiences of colleagues. It seems that bodyworkers are most successful with clients who appreciate their natural gifts…these relationships tend to be long term, and throughout these relationships, I do think a bonding happens, and I think this is completely natural and healthy. Traditionally I think it’s common knowledge that ‘breaking’ the boundary of the client/bodyworker relationship is a big no no, and for good reason, as it could easily create complications and create more trouble than it’s worth.

      However, the ‘strict boundary’ approach hasn’t applied to my experiences, or the experiences of many other colleagues. Over time, it’s natural to want to share…I have had many clients who I feel care for me and want to see me succeed…they have a sense of pride in being a part of my success…because they believe in me…they have a kind of ‘faith’ in my gifts, and want to share that with others who they care about.

      I think this is a big part of what the Christmas Spirit is all about, and this is what I intended to convey. It’s a beautiful thing to have a professional relationship that is based on a solid foundation of trust and understanding, so that it can expand and grow beyond its self for the benefit of both people. There are many useful ways this can happen and I think they’ll start to surface more easily now that Jupiter in Taurus is going direct!

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