A Grand Mercury Sag Retrograde Finale~ Time to Walk the Talk!




It seemed yesterday that Mercury insisted on having its backward way right till the very end. Yesterday it went direct around 8.45 p.m. EST. I’ve been  highly anticipating it. This past weekend was a technical nightmare. I began to lose all faith in technology as I dreamed of the ‘good ole days’ of being satisfied with being glued to the t.v. as I happily overdosed on ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns.  Last night I had a dream about doing perfect pirouettes, five at a time! I usually do 2 to 3 at the very most, so I think this forward cycle will be especially creatively exciting!

For this forward cycle, Mercury is  moving direct at an even degree of four, the number of structure, stability, and foundation. The sabian/meditation  symbol for Sagittarius in the fourth degree is ‘a little child learning to walk’ suggesting this cycle gives us the opportunity to learn something new, through practice, that will ultimately give us the freedom, mobility, and independence of a dancer in flight.  This is especially true for Virgos and Geminis because they are the ‘learning signs’ of the zodiac. I think Sagittarius will get a boost as well; they may become a little more tempered in their enthusiasm and more inclined to learn from analyzing the ways of others.

 Although the detail and timeline oriented Mercury is uncomfortable expressing its true nature  in freedom loving Sagittarius, Mercury has a starring role in a nicely choreographed fire dance with the Moon in Leo and Uranus in Aries. I think this means creative, inventive thinking will definitely play a big role in the learning process.  Mercury’s tension with Neptune in Aquarius suggests we still have to look we’re going because however beautiful things may appear, we are still learning and can be vulnerable to deception. So watch out! Yet, listen to those creative urges.  Take pride as you venture out into your  new learning adventures and walk the talk with a smile on your face!

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