Gemini Weekly Video Horoscope December 11th


Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.

Martha Stewart

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Geminis Have the Best Creative Solutions!

Your ruler, Mercury, goes direct in Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 13th. One thing Sagiittarius is  known for is their honesty. Mercury in Sagittarius can easily suffer from the ‘big foot in the mouth’ syndrome, compelling us to blurt things out that although may be entirely truthful and honest, can ultimately hurt us, and the people we’re closest to.  Since this influence is currently  impacting the relationship sector of your chart, you may be feeling the repercussions of your words more heavily than usual. A good thing about Mercury going direct is it will give you the focus to clarify your communications within your partnerships. So any relationship matters that need to be settled with honesty and open-mindedness are sure to be blessed with Mercury’s forward momentum!

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  1. Love your work!…my relationship with my wife is very rocky right now,..please pray for us…I love her very much, you remind me of her so much…thanks

    • I meant to respond much sooner so all apologies for taking so long to reply! I think it’s important to realize the power of the ability to be able to change, which Gemini specializes in! The tricky thing is Gemini likes to make very particular changes, in other words, it can be very selective,- Sagittarius not so! It can be a little scary for the mind to ‘let go’ and allow its self to be swallowed up with pure instinct, as opposed to intellect.

      *** One important thing you need to know about is the current influence of Pluto’s transit in Capricorn, because it’s now in your 8th house, Pluto’s natural domain. Without being too dramatic, this influence can be pretty profound. It’s basically about deep, permanent change, for good or ill…I remember a while ago I ran into a pilates instructor/dancer I ran into I used to work with. She seemed very different…not depressed…but pulled ‘inward’ which is strange for Geminis who are usually so naturally social. She mentioned she had recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend, wanted to start dancing for different companies, and was looking forward to taking an arts/media course at a local college. In other words, she was moving on with her life! Yet, there was a heaviness about her..and that’s how Pluto can be when its in action…heavy…it’s a time where things very deep inside you are released. Ultimately, this is quite a magical experience…but we are human- and even though magic is thrilling and profound…experiencing its power within the human body can be quite a feat! Be brave! There are wonderful gifts waiting for you!

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