Brigitte Bardot, A True Ballerina

Ballerina Bardot

Ballerina Bardot

Most people don’t think of Brigitte Bardot as a ballerina. Her hour-glass figure and long blond hair paint the picture of a perfect Playboy Centerfold, even with her clothes on! I myself was pleasantly stunned to find she had trained in classical ballet for 12 years.  Ballet clearly was part of her artistic magic as a performer. It also was part of her heart, perhaps more than any of her lovetorn relationships or fantastic movie escapades. Watching her dance is a spectacular treat. Her timing is luciously crisp and her feet have more charm and character than Kate Winslett. Ms. Bardot put her whole being into every movement as if she was making love with the music. That saying “ballet is so sexy” should be accredited to her mastery of grace.

Terpsichore was in Libra when Brigitte was born. She had the dancing star tightly conjoined her Mercury and Jupiter in Libra, opposing Uranus in Taurus, squaring Pluto in Cancer. This spells a VERY strong Terpsichore signature. So, what this signature say exactly?  Dancing is tightly entangled with her sensual identity. This knot  seeks to release its self  through her obsession for deep security and emotional abandonment. Like a true ballerina, Brigitte had to dance. It was part of her soul’s journey to celebrate the joy and pleasure of physical movement. Dancing  gave her  freedom she could always hold onto, no matter what.  Dancing brought her back to her soul~

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