Happy Birthday Misty Copeland!

A Volcano In Eruption

Virgo in the 17th Degree

Misty Copeland

Misty has a boiling mutable T Square with her Virgo 17 Sun at the apex! Her Gemini Moon opposes Neptune and makes a juicy square, hitting right on the mark of  her sensuous, pure, smoldering Sun. Her dancing, more than anything, can put life to this astrological signature. In my own words, the simplist way of saying it: Simply Hot.

 The ‘simply’ refers to the delicacy of Virgo. This is the spirit of the ballerina. The ‘hot’  is the creative fuel that drives the body into action. It’s no wonder Prince found his way to her. She’s the epitome of restrained wile. This is what Virgo is famous for. Marlene Dietrich had Virgo ‘rising’, and so does Madonna. In Misty’s chart, the fire of innocent sensuality begs for release through her Virgo Sun. 

 What fascinates me about her chart is the grit behind it. The Sun/Moon square is thrilling. The  intensity of her desire to achieve greatness  relentlessly gnaws at the light of her Sun.  Gemini rules her 10th house, so her Moon has a voracious appetite for success.

 Her dancing is brilliant not only in precise technique, but pure energy. I’ve noticed many renowned dancers have this special quality…that special Virgoan ‘being at one with the moment’ quality…Suzanne Farrel has it, the latest ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ phenomenon Melanie Moore has it, and although Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan is not real per se,  her character, the ballerina ‘archetype’ ,wreaked of it. There is something about Virgo energy that lends its self  very naturally to the demands of ballet. Misty can consider herself lucky in this regard. It just shows that for performers, Leo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially  when it comes to being a ballerina…

 Misty’s current focus seems %1,000 focused on becoming the first Principal Dancer for American Ballet Theatre. Arguably the best ballet company in the world, or at the very least, the most prestigious Ballet company in America with several of the best dancers in the world. However one chooses to look at it, Misty it out to make history. Her T Square, along with many other signatures in her chart, clearly confirm her mission to go where no other black ballerina has gone before.

 I think her Saturn Return becomes exact on October 17th…that should be powerful, to say the least! So, this astrological portrait has yet to be continued… I look forward to exploring the many rich layers of the fabric of her dancing,  her life’s journey, and ultimately the ‘self’ behind it all.

 Here’s an Astrological Recap~


Virgo 17 Degrees

 A Volcano in Eruption

A Need For Emotional Release

The repressed feelings at the very core of one’s being that every so often have to come to the surface-with force.

 May your dancing keep coming to the surface and your feelings rise to the occasion of splendor and full release.

You are destined for Greatness.


Happy Birthday Misty~




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  1. One of my favorite dancers – Drew Jacoby – is a Virgo Sun with a TON of Sagittarius.

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