Freddie Mercury, Messenger of the Gods


The Quadruple Genius

Freddie Mercury


* Four Quintiles

 Astrologer, (& former opera singer) Noel Tyl swears by the “quintile”, or 5th harmonic aspect of 72 degrees. This ‘artistic genius aspect’ is usually right on the money when it comes to revealing unique creative gifts. Many famous artists have them. Their unique artistic genius is clearly revealed by them. It is fairly common to find about 1 or 2- more than that could get a little ‘freaky‘ sending an undeniable need for creative outlet. Freddie had 4 quintiles in his birth chart! His most revealing one being his exaltation in Mercury in Virgo quintile a Uranus/Vulkanus conjunction in Gemini. Both Virgo and Gemini being ruled by Mercury, Messenger of the Gods!

 In traditional astrology Mercury is exalted and receives it’s highest expression in the sign of Virgo. In modern astrology it’s exalted in Aquarius. Mercury is about many, many things. Although its most commonly associated with the mind, its power lies its adaptability. It is air. It is changeable. For this reason I think it can associated with bisexuality, which was a big part of Freddie’s persona as being the lead singer of “Queen”.  Mercury can go anywhere and do anything…this is ultimately the power of the ‘mind’. For Freddie, his power was in his message of  freedom, youth, and vitality, which undoubtedly came through music.

Mercury rules the hands. Virgo promises precision. This astrological placement is a classic sign for dexterity of the fingers. Agility, speed, and articulation are highly pronounced. Although Freddie was not impressed with his piano playing, he was  proficient, and also played acoustic guitar. He also had an uncanny ability to replay tunes on the piano at a very young age. This shows Mercury’s beautiful ability to process information in precise Virgo.  I think this talent led him to becoming a brilliant songwriter. He also had incredible singing technique.


The dexterity of Mercury in Virgo found its way more through his voice more so than his fingers.  Biographer David Bret described his voice as “escalating within a few bars from a deep, throaty rock-growl to tender, vibrant tenor, then on to a high-pitched, perfect coloratura, pure and crystalline in the upper reaches”.

Virgo’s  purity and youth ar expressed perfectly with his pitch. Spanish soprano Monesterrat Caballe, with whom Mercury recorded an album, expressed her opinion that “the difference between Freddie and almost all the other rock stars was that he was selling the voice”.  This is Mercury’s job in all our charts, for Freddie, it was his bread and butter. It was also his gold.

She adds, “His technique was astonishing. No problem of tempo, he sung with an incisive sense of rhythm, his vocal placement was very good and he was able to glide effortlessly from a register to another. He also had a great musicality. His phrasing was subtle, delicate and sweet or energetic and slamming. He was able to find the right colouring or expressive nuance for each word.” Mercury in Virgo is a master with words!  

As Queen’s career progressed, he would increasingly alter the highest notes of their songs when live, often harmonising with seconds, thirds or fifths instead. Mercury was said to have “the rawest vocal fold nodules” and claimed never to have had any formal vocal training.

So, it’s clear this Mercury in Virgo aspect is quite revealing regarding his brightest skills and talents as a musician. I believe it’s not only the sign placement by exaltation, but the fact that Mercury is the ruler of his Sun, as well as quintiling Uranus in Gemini, that really sends his chart ablaze with musical genius.


Uranus is a big boy. It sends electricity. It loves the unusual, avant garde, and has a strong exhibitionist streak. It is ahead of its time, ie. ‘genius’. So, it’s no surprise when this beast of a Mercury placement in Virgo quintiles, making the most creative aspect with the Planet of genius, that sparks would fly…I would imagine he felt like electricity in motion when on stage! As Freddie’s career progressed, he took more to the stage and less to the guitar and piano. As Queen’s lead singer, he felt that connecting with his audience was his primary duty. 

 *Uranus conjunct Vulkanus

 I don’t see Vulkanus talked that much among astrologers, although I find it pretty interesting. Vulkanus is a Uranian planet aka. ‘hypothetical planet’ that doesn’t actually exist yet represents a particular point in space…if I understand correctly;)! Whatever the exact case may be, the aspects make sense when I use them in various charts. Marilyn Monroe personified its heat and intensity with her Sun Sign cazimi, or in ’the heart of the sun’ to Vulkanus. This explains her steam.  Vulkanus  greatly amplifies, activates, and heats up anything it touches. There is a sense of self authority to it.

In Freddie’s chart, Vulkanus is conjunct Uranus in Gemini within one degree. I think this makes the quintile to Mercury even more explosive, in a pure, youthful, free kind of way, similar to that of Marilyn Monroe’s ‘light’ but hot sexuality. Both Marilyn and Freddie died before the time. They are remembered for their youth and vitality and still carry on the message of their creative personas. This shows the power of the “Purer” at play. The youthful, immortalized free spirit who never grows up, yet pays a great price by dying young.  


Euterpe at 0 degrees Pisces

Freddie Mercury had no planets in water. Yet, he had the muse of music, the asteroid ‘euterpe’ at the aries point/ strongest possible degree in Pisces, the ‘wateriest’ sign of the zodiac. When a particular element is weak or missing in a chart, there is great emphasis on that element in the search for completion and balance. That missing element becomes the focal point of development. The person strives for completion by attracting whatever or whoever can  make up for the element in question. In Freddie’s case, music was the missing link that made him complete. The massiveness of his musical expression is so clear through this placement. Music swallowed up everything in his life only to be massively poured back out to us, who carry on his message through continuing to listen to and honor his talent.

 *Eros Square Terpsichore

 Eros is about passion. This is another asteroid I love using with artists  because it usually reveals some fascinating connections. Freddy’s Eros is in the watery sign of Cancer, emphasizing emotion, exactly square and creating great tension with Terpsichore in Aires, the asteroid of choral song and dance. Eros was also quite out of bounds by declination, meaning it was ‘way out there’! There was fire in is soul and a strong urge for rhythm and melody. Even though he may have been reserved and very shy, he felt things with immense passion and had a strong urge to release his feelings through the celebration of song and dance…ie. terpsichore.

After seeing all this in his chart,  I think to myself, wow, Mr. Mercury must have been a real freak of nature! In the best, musical kind of way, of course.  Lets be inspired not only through his voice but the eternal message of  Queen’s spirit~
























































































































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